9 Bedroom Essentials for Toddlers

The day has come that you need to sleep train your kids in their bedroom. This can be a challenging task, especially when your kids are used to sleep with you. The best way to convince your kids to sleep in their bedroom is to make their bedrooms attractive to them. Putting the right items in their bedroom will provide them comfort and the feeling of security:


Here are the basic bedroom essentials for toddlers:


  1.    A comfortable bed


A bedroom won’t be complete without a bed. Provide them a good and comfortable place to sleep. You can choose from a crib, a small bed, or even a large bed. The primary consideration when choosing a bed is that your toddler should not fall from it. You can either install rails or put pillows around the bed, so your child is securely tucked in it.


  1.    A fan


Proper ventilation is needed in a kid’s bedroom since they usually feel hot and get easily irritated. This will help them stay comfortable and have sound sleep. Invest in quiet fans so they won’t be disturbed during sleep.


  1.    A lamp


Most kids can’t sleep without the lights on because they’re scared of the dark. If you’re training your kids to have good sleeping habits, putting a lamp will help them overcome their fear and will provide them a sense of security as well.


  1.    A good set of pillows


Investing in a good set of pillows for your kid will also help them have good-quality sleep. Memory foam toddler pillows ensure a comfortable feel in your toddler’s head and proper support as their bodies are still developing. Make sure that you don’t give them regular adult pillows, which are firmer and come in large sizes, making them inappropriate for a toddler.


  1.    Storage cabinet


Of course, you need a cabinet where you can store all your toddler’s clothes. Choose a cabinet with many compartments so you can easily organize their clothes. Most parents prefer a dresser type of cabinet because their kids’ clothes can be easily folded and stored without taking too much space.


If you paint the cabinet with a contrasting color with the wall color, it can serve as an accent piece in your kid’s bedroom. It can even be used as a side table where you can put the lamp on top of it.


  1.    Bookshelf


Books are essential for the mental development of your toddler. Having a lot of books during these informative years is advisable. A sturdy bookshelf will tidy up and organize your kids’ books. It’s better to install it on the wall so that it will take less space in the room.


  1.    Toy storage


Kids usually have a lot of toys, too often making a mess in the room. Putting in toy storage in their room will help you organize all their toys. A good idea is to install storage that looks like a pigeon hole cabinet, but you have to be creative on how it will look tidy at all times. You can put boxes or baskets in the holes so it will look organized after just putting all the toys inside. Place the toys that are frequently used at the bottom of the cabinet where the kids can easily reach them to avoid climbing hazards.


  1.    Antislip rugs or rubber mats


You can put rubber play mats or rugs on the bedroom floor where they can safely play and run around and not slip. These mats can also protect your wooden or carpeted floors against stains and random doodles. You can choose mats with patterns or prints to add vibrancy to the room.


  1.    A heavy-duty desk


A desk is one of the essentials that can last for a long time. Although your toddler might not be able to use it at the moment, it will be useful when he starts going to school. You can put some of his things there in the meantime and then transform it into a study desk when he starts school.


  1. Essential oil diffuser


Having a diffuser in your child’s bedroom has some great benefits for his sleep:

  • Lavender, sage, and chamomile oils can make your child calm and promote undisturbed sleep.
  • Citronella and peppermint oils can help protect your child from mosquito bites.
  • Eucalyptus and lemongrass oils can help in decongestion whenever your child is suffering from a cough and a cold.


Final Thoughts


When buying bedroom essentials, always think of the long-term use of the items. You may want to invest in sturdy bed, shelves, and desk because these will be utilized for a long time until your toddler grows up. Always consider the quality of the items that you’ll put in your kid’s bedroom to prevent accidents from happening due to faulty and damaged items. It’s best to consider their interests as one of the factors when decorating their room so that they’ll love to stay and sleep in their bedroom.

bedroom essentials for toddlers

bedroom essentials for toddlers
bedroom essentials for toddlers


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