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Baby Care Apps: Removing Memory Stress For Parents

Child care can be overwhelming, especially for busy parents. After a hectic day in the office, your body is too tired for your mind to remember small but important baby care tasks. As parents, you always want to be hands-on caring for your baby. However, juggling parental and work duties can be tough.

Staying on top of feeding times, changing diapers, doctor’s appointments, and sleeping schedules doesn't have to be overwhelming. Technology has allowed many companies to come up with tools that make remembering parental tasks less stressful. In this article, we have compiled some of the best trackers that busy parents can consider to stay on top of their child care duties.

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

Being deprived of sleep can be risky for busy parents. You need all the sleep you can have to function, in addition to being a good parent. But you also need to keep in step with the needs of your toddler. When your body is tired, it can be difficult to remember things like feeding time and changing diapers. This is where Itzbeen Pocket Nanny comes in handy.

Designed to help sleep-deprived new parents remember baby care details, the device features buttons that parents can press to remind them of a diaper change, feeding time, sleep or awake time, medications, and others. The Pocket Nanny utilizes award-winning technology useful for parents to easily remember baby care tasks. The Pocket Nanny also offers an easy way of communicating the baby’s needs with grandparents, sitters, and daycare providers.


BabyTime is an app made by parents for parents. It was designed to make parents make informed decisions not guesses about their bundle of joy. With a clean and easy to read interface, this app is a great tool for understanding your baby or toddler’s attention span. It features easy one-tap activity tracking. As a plus, it's designed for one-hand operation because you will have a baby in the other hand.

The app helps you track time spent on breastfeeding and tells you which side you last fed on and for how long. With BabyTime, you can easily track is being fed enough by tracking how many full diapers/nappies are produced over time. You may not be able to remember it but BabyTime will.


baby care apps remove parent stress

Total Baby Pro

Total Baby Pro offers a streamlined way of staying on top of things like bath times, feeding times, nappy changes, and sleeping schedules. It is also a handy tool for remembering doctor’s appointments, and details of vaccinations and allergies. Total Baby Pro was picked by Apple as a Staff Favorite. It is the #1 baby logging and tracking application the App Store. Aside from being featured on dozens of parenting magazines, the app has also been hailed by CNN, People, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Designed by parents themselves, Total Baby Pro features 14 separate timings and tracking functions combined into one single complete solution. With the app, you can easily time & track diaper changes, bath and sleeping times, as well as doctor visits, vaccines, and allergies. You can invite and connect other family members or caregivers to track and know your child’s activities. It also comes with a milk pumping system for tracking expiration and usage.

WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby has been downloaded by more than 1.7 million parents. It not only allows you to track baby care details but also offers trusted, physician-approved advice. It comes with five comprehensive tools for monitoring your baby or toddler’s needs. With breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and solid food tracker, you can easily keep track of feeding sessions both breast milk and formula.

With the sleep tracker tool, you can record sleeping times as well as locations whether it's in the crib, car seat or stroller. Diaper tracker lets you keep track of each diaper change– dry, wet, or both. Nursing and feeding trackers let you schedule reminders based on previous feedings. The app can even be integrated with Apple Watch so you can add new entries and receive reminders.

Finally, the app comes with an extensive library of medically-approved content including 400 articles, 598 tips, and 70 videos. WebMD Baby is like a pediatrician on your pocket.

Baby Feed Timer

Baby Feed Timer helps breastfeeding mothers track breastfeeds, bottle feeds, pumps, diaper change, sleep patterns, and baby weight and length. The app can be synchronized throughout all your devices so you don’t miss on feeding times. You can also view data online at babyfeedtimer.net so you can share the data with your partner or caregiver.

The app lets you track your baby’s growth using data from the World Health Organization so you can see what percentile your baby is in. You can personalize the app by adding a picture, name, and date of birth of your baby. Baby Feed Timer can be used for more than one baby as it offers support for multiple timers.

These are just 5 of the many baby care apps that are available in the market today. With these tools, parents can get a little help, which is so important in caring for young ones.

baby care apps remove parent stress

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