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Double Jogging Stroller Reviews Guide

You did it, you've taken the plunge and had a second baby!  But that marathon sure isn't going to train for itself! Mothers who are used to active lifestyles start to miss their daily runs, workouts where you can just zone out and focus (or lose focus if you like). If you have a great double jogging stroller, just pop the kids and hope for the best right?

A double jogging stroller may not completely insulate you from having to answer to a pleading toddler, but you can regain your active lifestyles with just a bit more effort. These strollers are great solutions for active parents with two kids.  Help from a few good reviews should get you right on track!

  • Stroller Suspension that you can trust
  • Durable stroller that generally can deal with different terrains
  • Additional workout load for the parent
  • Storage for parents

Considerations for Choosing a Stroller

  • Age/Weight of baby
  • One Handed Fold vs 2 Handed
  • Seat Recline
  • Stroller size
  • Maneuverability
  • Infant car seat compatbility
  • Stand out affordability for a  double jogger stroller
  • It can support up to 100lbs of seat weight, which extends its life
  • Good for older or bigger kids
  • Seats recline individually
  • Does not accomodate infant car seat
  • The seats cannot be completely pulled back to a flat position
  • Seat fabric not completely breatheable

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This is a great option if you are looking for  a double jogger stroller that's kind to your wallet. The dimensions of the stroller are 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches. The stroller accepds babies from 6 months up to a maximum of 50lbs per baby, which is among the highest in the market.  How old would a 50lb baby be?  There are exceptions but theaverage 4 year old weighs between 28 and 44 lbs.  It also recommends that kids be under 42" tall, which is the generally the size of the average 4 yr old.

The stroller itself weighs 34 pounds. It has a metallic frame, and is made of polyester, which adds to the life of the stroller. The lightweight of the stroller enables the parent to push it with just one hand.

Kids love going fast and are often lulled to sleep, so the ability to recline each seat individually is such a relief.   A five-point harness secures the baby in the stroller, and the canopy protects them from the elements.

The front swivel wheel of the stroller is lockable, and allow turning without having to lift the front wheel of the stroller.   The rear brakes can be applied by using the foot. These features make it really easy to maneuver.

The seat covers are not really breathable, but you can use seat liners to mitigate the discomfort caused by this. There is no suspension system which means that the stroller cannot absorb sudden bumps. Despite being foldable, the stroller ends up occupying a lot of space. If you have an SUV, you should not face any problem fitting it in the back.

Amenities include a parent tray with 2 cup holders plus large storage basket​

  • Adjustable height handlebar with 9 settings
  • Suspension system ensures a smooth ride
  • Can be converted into a travel system with car adapter sold separately (ie can accept newborns)
  • Some testers feel the canopy height is a little low
  • Lacks accessories like tray or cup holders

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The BOB Reflection Flex is a medium size double stroller that comes with a number of useful features. Its dimensions are 48 x 30.5 x 43 inches, which are pretty standard for a double stroller. It weighs only 33.1lbs and can take on a maximum weight of 55 pounds.

The front wheel of the stroller swivels to move around tight turns, and can be locked while jogging on difficult terrains. The handlebar can be adjusted into 9 different positions. This way, parents with different heights can easily adjust the height of the handlebar to suit them. Another adjustable component of the stroller is its canopy, which comes with 4 settings. Some customers feel that the canopy is not as high as it should be, even at the highest setting, and it often touches the baby’s head.

The seat can be adjusted into multiple positions for the comfort of the babies. More importantly, the built-in suspension system ensures that the babies get a smooth ride, even when the stroller is moving on uneven surfaces. The sturdy polymer wheels make for an even smoother ride. However, the air-filled tires are not really a hit, because they get punctured easily.

The stroller can be folded in two easy steps for quick transportation. It can also be coupled with an infant car seat to create a state-of-the-art travel system.

The stroller lacks accessories like cup holders, trays, and adapters.

  • Can support 50lbs per baby
  • In-built suspension system for shock-absorption
  • The patented quick lock technology helps you to fold the stroller in one go
  • Infant car seat compatible
  • The front swivel wheel can oscillate a lot at times. For a jogger stroller, it can become a big issue

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This double stroller is quite big at dimensions of 53.2 x 32.5 x 40.6 inches. It weights 37lbs and can easily seat a maximum weight of 100lbs.

All wheels of the stroller are fitted with suspension systems to absorb shocks from sudden movements, and move smoothly on uneven roads. It also comes with rear drum brakes which lends more control to the parents.The front wheel has a torque-arm suspension, which means that it can rotate and can be locked as needed.But, a recurrent problem that many of the buyers have come across is the wobbly wheel. Apparently, the wheel starts to oscillate, which destabilizes it. This does not stop until you bring it to a complete halt. This is a significant issue since this is a jogger stroller, which means it has to be stable at high speeds.

The stroller’s seats recline to a flat. The vents, the weather cover, and the UV50+ canopy make sure that your child is safe inside the stroller. They are not skimping on the canopy, so your child will get a lot of shade out of it. Moreover, the peek-a-boo windows will allow you to check on your childrenwithout disturbing them.

Another noticeable feature of the double jogger stroller is how easily it folds itself. All you have to do is lift the straps and the Baby Jogger Summit x3 will fold over into a compact bundle. This has been made possible by the patented quick lock technology that has been added to this double jogger stroller. Once it’s folded, It is ready to be carried anywhere.

The stroller can also be transformed into a complete travel system for your baby, by pairing it with the manufacturer-recommended infant car seat. You will need car seat adapters though, which you should buy separately.

  • The brakes for the swivel wheel are on the handlebar, making it really easy to control
  • It comes with a huge canopy, which is a big plus
  • The car seat adapters that come with this stroller do not work well with all infant car seats

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Whether you are jogging on-road or on a bumpy road, this stroller will keep your little ones comfortable and secure, as they accompany you through your workout. A 36-pounder traveler, this stroller can support a maximum seat weight of 50lbs and has the dimensions of 48 x 30.5 x 43 inches.

Bob 2016 Revolution Pro Duallie is pretty easy to maneuver with a swivel-lock front wheel and hand-controlled rear brakes. Together, these features enable the stroller to work through rough terrains and maintain maximum control, even when going downhill. The swivel wheel allows the big stroller to take sharp turns without much effort. The ride on the stroller is made more comfortable by the adjustable suspension system and polymer wheels.

This stroller is also compatible with infant car seats, which makes it useful for travels. The seats can go all the way up, so you can adjust the adapter straps from time to time. Buyers are generally happy with the product and have no major complaints against it. One of the highlights of this stroller is its large canopy, which can be fully extended to provide complete protection to a sleeping infant. This particular stroller folds much better than the company’s previous models.

  • It’s a truly light-weight double jogger stroller weighing only 16.4 pounds
  • Peek-a-boo window has a magnetic closure so as not to disturb the kids’ sleep
  • Smaller stroller is easier to travel with
  • Few users have experienced some issues with the braking system
  • Smaller size may take away from the relevance of the stroller as the child grows up

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At just 16.4 pounds weight, this is easily one of the lightest double jogger stroller in the market. It is compact in size, when it comes to double strollers, and measures only 36 x 32 x 16 inches.

It comes with a swiveling front wheel that can be locked when needed. This is a very important feature as it allows easy maneuver of the stroller around any hurdles on the road. On the other hand, users can lock the wheel to follow a straight path.Although some of the users have expressed problems with the braking system and the wheels, this is not really a common issue.

The ergonomic handle bar allows the parents a good grip over the stroller. The padded seats recline flat, and together with the rear suspension, offer a really comfortable ride for the babies. The canopy comes with multiple settings to protect the child from the sun and dust. There is a peek-a-boo window in the canopy, which comes with a magnetic closure instead of a Velcro. This smart design makes sure that you do not wake up the child with the sound of pulling the Velcro.

The double jogger stroller is compatible with commonly available car seat adapters. Given the lighter weight and relatively smaller size of the stroller, it is easy to travel with.



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