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Guide: How to parent and be green

Everyone has their unique journey in parenting. From the moment you conceive to handling your bundle of joy. Raising a child has its significant responsibilities. It is a challenge where every decision you make is under scrutiny. Where you get your girls pyjamas can lead to judging eyes. Recently, there has been much emphasis on green parenting. It is where parents lead a lifestyle of healthy choices in the upbringing of their children. This article discusses various ways to parent and be green.


Seek and welcome help from family and friends

It is essential to always welcome help even before birth. It applies to your maternity clothes and the baby's clothes. There is no need to buy new maternity clothes that you are to wear for only a few months. Other items that can be of great help are a car seat, Moses basket, baby bags, and toys.

Babies develop and grow fast in their first year. They can grow out of clothes in only a few months. If you are lucky enough to have friends and family with older children, you can borrow from them. You do not have to buy fancy girls pyjamas when you can borrow them. Additionally, you can safely store the clothes your baby outgrows to assist others as well. 

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Use reusable nappies

The initial cash outlay on reusable nappies should not discourage you from buying them. They are a good investment. It is especially significant if you have more than one child. You end up saving an outstanding amount of money in the long term. Of most importance, is that these reusable nappies are good for the environment. You use significantly less raw materials on reusable nappies than disposables. 


Buy second-hand items

If you can manage to buy second-hand clothes, you should buy them as often as possible. It also includes your girls pyjamas that you can find in various stores online. You end up saving a lot of money. In addition, second-hand clothes do not have the chemicals you may find on new clothes. 



Breast milk contains the necessary nutrients in the first year of a child. It ensures the healthy development of the baby. On the other hand, the formula contains a high carbon constituent which is not as healthy.

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Prepare homemade baby food

It is essential to avoid using processed baby food as it contains more sugar and fewer nutrients. You can wean them using homemade foods that are highly nutritious. It is easier to use finger foods. It also reduces costs. 


Craft whatever you can

There are various toys you can have for your child. Plastic toys are not environmentally friendly and you should avoid buying them. You can use items at home such as card boxes to make a toy for them. In addition, you can be spending more quality time with them as you make these toys. 



There are several ways how to parent and be green. It may require consistent efforts but you can easily make it a habit and enjoy its benefits.

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