Losing Weight after Pregnancy: How to Easily Lose Baby Weight

Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Hilary Duff,and Jessica Alba have one thing in common. Besides being celebrities, they all lost their weight pretty fast after they had their babies, which is a feat mothers envy. So, how did they do it?

Truth be told; taking care of a newborn is already hard enough, leave alone losing the baby weight. Sometimes you wish that you can drop the extra pounds magically, but we all know that there is no way this can happen. If you have been longing to get back in shape, here are some practical tips to do it.

1.     Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is an excellent way of bonding with your baby as well as helping you shed off the extra weight. When you are breastfeeding, you need 500 calories a day, which means that your body will burn fat to create the required energy.

Some women have been lucky enough to drop all the baby fat through breastfeeding. Remember that when you start supplementing your baby’s diet and breastfeeding less, your calorie needs will reduce. Therefore, you need to include other strategies, such as those listed below.

2.     Go for well-balanced snacks

Overeating sugar may spike your blood sugar levels. When they drip, you may end up eating anything you get your hands on to spike the high sugar needs. That is why you should avoid the sugary treats and opt for the nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Get as many low-sugar snacks as you can, so that you can snack on them when the urge arises. Low-fat yogurt and milk are particularly advisable because they contain calcium that is known to block the hormone that makes your body to store fat. It is advisable to eat high fiber snacks such as raisins, wheat crackers, and figs.

3.     Get moving

For your post-baby weight loss efforts to be worthwhile, you ought to incorporate some strength training and aerobic exercises in your regimen. Exercising will strengthen your muscles and bone. If you have concerns with sleep, stress and depression issues, working out will get everything in order.

4.     Stay hydrated

You do not have to hit the gym for you to get back in shape.Light exercises such as taking a walk with your baby in the stroller are sufficient for significant weight loss results. Try adding some lifts to your routine and you will love how shapely you will become. Do this regularly for the best results. However, before enrolling in any exercise program, get your doctor’s approval, especially if you had a C-section.

Drinking water is an excellent way of losing weight. In a particular study, the researchers concluded that drinking 1 liter of water a day helped overweight women to lose an additional 2 kilograms within 12 months. Drinking water can also help minimize your calorie intake and water.

Breastfeeding women should consider staying hydrated because it helps replenish the fluids lost during milk production. Aim at taking about 1 to 2 liters a day or more, and you will be happy with the weight loss results.

5.     Do not diet

Nutritional experts are against dieting after having a baby. However much you want your slender body back, you should prioritize being in good health. After having a baby, your body starts working on repairing itself. If you're going to lose a pound every week, control your calories to 2,000 a day if you are breastfeeding; and 1,600 if you aren’t.

Attempting to crash diet will only worsen the situation and even make you gain all the weight back. Develop a two or three meal plan to guide you on preparing healthy and well-balanced meals. You can ask your doctor or nutritionist to help you develop the meal guide.

6.     Find substitutes to your favorite meals rather than cutting them off

Are you craving pizza? Buy one with whole wheat crust, and request for additional veggies and half the cheese. Do you love yogurt? Go for low fat and low sugar brands. Many mothers who want to shed off baby weight deprive themselves of the foods they love, which rarely ends well. When you do not eat the snack you like, your body is likely to rebel the move, and you might go back to consuming more of it. Therefore, go for healthier alternatives to the meal instead of cutting it off entirely.

7.     Get enough sleep

Getting the full eight hours of sleep when you have a newborn is practically impossible. A baby’s sleeping pattern can be disrupted by many things, which means that you cannot have a regular sleeping pattern too. You might have to wake up several times in the night to change diapers, rock the child to sleep or keep them company when they cannot find sleep!

A study concluded that mothers who slept for seven hours a day were likely to shed weight faster than those who had only five hours to rest. Also, when you are exhausted, your body releases stress hormones that may advance weight gain and consumption of snacks to curb the feelings.

8.     Prepare

Do not just buy vegetables and stock them in the fridge.Instead, wash and chop them. Divide the nuts and cereal into sandwich bags,such that you pick one when you want to snack. You will eliminate the possibility of making poor nutritional choices in the moments of weaknesses.

Bonus tip: Link up with other new moms

The chances are that other new mothers like you are facing similar challenges. Sharing your milestones and tips will give you practical solutions. They can also be your motivation buddies. Going out helps in shedding off some pounds and helps manage stress.

Gaining some weight after pregnancy is nothing out of the ordinary. However, you should work on shedding the extra pounds to avoid future weight loss issues. When you are healthy, you will enjoy the benefits of being a new mom. The best way to achieve this is by taking a healthy diet, working out and breastfeeding. 


Losing Weight after Pregnancy


Losing Weight after Pregnancy

Losing Weight after Pregnancy

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