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Quick Ways for Parents to Get that Coffee Fix

Parenting can be a stressful job. That is why not only you need all the energy which you can get, but also you need to be focused around the clock. We all love a beverage which can help us with the same. We rely on our morning cup of coffee to provide us with the attentiveness and the energy which we need. However, when you're juggling parenting and work, it is essential to find a quick fix for your coffee. It will allow you to gain that energy and attentiveness without having to spend a lot of time. We will today share with you multiple ways in which you can get a quick fix for that morning cup of coffee.

1.Get the right brewer:

The first thing which you need to do is to get the right brewer. Most of the brewers are time-consuming and not easy to operate. When you get something like k cup coffee makers, the task of brewing your coffee becomes easier. In-spite of your hectic schedule, you can quickly get the coffee which you want. That is why; the simplest and the best fix which you can opt for is to get the right brewer.


2. Go with coffee milkshake:

If you rely on caffeine for your morning energy, you can go for the coffee milkshake. You can prepare it at night and store it in the refrigerator. So, in the morning when the schedule is hectic, all you need to do is to drink the milkshake rather than brew the coffee. It is one of the easiest hacks which you can use when you rely on coffee for your morning dose of energy.


3. Coffee chocolate bar:

If you’re looking for a much easier way to consume coffee, you can go with the coffee chocolate bar. If you’re not able to get it in the supermarket, you can toast almonds with coffee and create home-made chocolates using the almonds. It will ensure that whenever you want your caffeine fix, all you need to do is to bite into the chocolates and you can instantly get the energy which you need. You don't need to prepare anything at that time. Moreover, such chocolates have a shelf life of quite a few months which means that you will not have to worry about making them again and again.


4. Coffee cookies:

As a parent, you might always be looking for less time-consuming solutions. Coffee cookies these days are readily available in the market. You can store them for a long time. Since you can buy them in bulk, you can even stock them for the entire month. It means that on days when you do not have time to brew up your cup of coffee, all you need to do is to consume the coffee cookies, and you are good to go.


5. Ice cream:

Ice cream is another staple desert which you can consume. There are many ice creams which are coffee flavored and consist of some amount of caffeine. Moreover, since these have a long shelf life, it is effortless for you to store them up in your refrigerator. You can have these as a dessert after your breakfast. It will allow you to gain that energy without having to spend time brewing up coffee.


6. Coffee ice cubes:

These might sound weird, but they are pretty useful when you’re looking to get your morning dose of caffeine. You can quickly whip up coffee ice cubes by mixing the coffee powder with water and freezing the same. You can store them for days together which mean that whenever you consume any cold beverage, you can add the coffee ice cubes to it. It will allow you to have your dose of caffeine along with any other drink.


7. Balsamic coffee reduction:

If you’re looking to consume coffee in a healthier way and which is quick to drink as well, you can add it to the balsamic reduction. You can then add that reduction to any salad. The recipe is pretty simple. You have to add 1 cup of ground coffee to 1/3 cup of vinegar. You have to add salt and lemon as per your requirement. You have to simmer this mixture on medium to low heat until it reduces to half. Once you have a reduced version ready, you can use it with salad and various other healthy foodstuffs.


8. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is another healthy way to consume coffee. You can add one teaspoon of instant coffee along with vanilla extract and milk to your oatmeal. You have to stir it well to combine all the ingredients. You can heat it or eat it cold. It will ensure that not only you get the coffee which you want but also the nutrients like fiber and protein to start your day on the right note. The oatmeal will ensure that your metabolic activity improves which is a definite advantage.


9. Energy bars:

If you want to pick up something off the shelf which is easy to consume and consists of coffee, the energy bars are the perfect option. Most of the energy bars consist of at least 2 to 3 tablespoons of ground coffee and are tasty as well. Moreover, the energy bars include other nutrients like cocoa powder as well which will help you reduce the signs of aging. Once you go through the ingredient list of most of the energy bars, it is effortless for you to choose the energy bar which consists of coffee and other nutrients. The benefits of such energy bars are plenty.


10. Barbecue sauce:

If you do not mind consuming coffee at a later time of the day, you can create a barbecue sauce which uses coffee. You have to combine ketchup, brewed coffee, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, and chili powder. You have to add this mixture to the saucepan. You have to boil it and let it simmer. After 10 minutes, it will thicken up. After that, you can add black pepper, balsamic vinegar, and soy sauce to it. The last three ingredients should not be more than half teaspoon each. Once you make it, your barbecue sauce is ready. You can now use it along with any barbecued ingredients and get your dose of coffee right away


11. Cocktail:

Lastly, you can consume your coffee in the form of a cocktail. It is especially useful for nighttime use. You have to mix a ¼ cup of chilled espresso with two tablespoons of rum. You can also add one tablespoon of condensed milk to it. Once you shake it well, you have to put it in an ice-filled glass. You coffee cocktail is ready.

When you’re looking for a quick fix to consume coffee, these are the 11 options you can try. As a busy parent, these will help you consume the right dose of coffee without devoting a lot of time to brew it up. Since it is now available in different forms, it is easy to consume it at the time of your choice rather than just sticking to it during the morning.


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