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Iceland: Round the Ring Road In 6 Days

The Ring Road is a road circling Iceland that can be driven in 24 hrs straight.  My favorite feature of Iceland was discovering the ever shifting geology and scenery along the way.

The 2 lane drive had the unhurried feel of a back country road,  rustic and untouched.  

One minute we'd stumble upon glaciers and icebergs in a pond, and the next there would be volcanic rock and black sand beaches.    The serenity lulled us into such a sense of calm that we picked up 2 Icelandic hitchhikers and lived to tell the tale.

Iceland In 6 Days

Day 1 We started in the capital Reykjavik (capital), where we rented a car and mingled with the locals at a random bar.  About 30 minutes away is the famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa which is a gorgeous outdoor spa where you can pour mineral mud all over yourself.

Day 2 Golden Circle – These 3 sites are some of the most prominent attractions, moving past Rekyjavik:

1)Pingvellir National Park – Site of the rift created by the separating N. American and Euroasian plates



2)Valley of Haukadalur, with the geysers Geysir and Strokkur

3) Waterfall Gullfoss

  Day 3

The drive to Skafatell -4 hr Glacier adventure on Vatnojokull, Europe's largest icecap (world's 3rd largest after Antarctica & Greenland) We drove around the coast toward East fjords, a beautiful lake within minutes of Fjallsarlon.  That night we stayed at Berunes. Day 5  Further on in the drive towards the east fjords -Lake Myvatyn, Krafla geothermal field  waterfalls near Gooafoss  After dinner in Akuyreyn, we stayed in Saeberg/Reykir

Day 6

We touched the Arctic Ocean, feeling like we'd reached a new high before driving toward NW Snafestnell peninsula.  Lunch was in Stykkishólmur before driving west. 

We stopped by a visitor center in Hellnar that helped us discover the hike to the volcanic rock near Dritvik, arches near Gatklettur.  There were so many sites in Iceland that we'd stumbled upon that were stunningly gorgeous. After finishing that circle, we drove right back to Reykjavik.  Our only regret is that we weren't there during the Northern Lights.


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