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How To Find The Best Baby Walker: Non-Toxic, Multifunctional, Fun

Walking is one of those milestones new parents (and grandparents) often get excited about.  It seems like a massive achievement after months of helplessness.  Babies also love the freedom, which is why many of them love getting baby walkers.

With the assistance of a walker, babies get a taste of those first few steps.  If your baby is ready, he/she will already be pulling himself up at every opportunity.  But while standing is powerful, walking with a walker will put a big grin on your kid’s face.

Here we take a look at some of the best baby walkers out there. These can equal a safe place to put baby, a great value for your money spent, and hours of entertainment for your baby. So if you’re doing it right, you’ll pick a walker that is sure to please baby and parent alike.

Joovy Spoon Walker – The High Chair Walker

  • Combines as a walker and high chair
  • Simple sleek design, folds flat for easy storage or travel
  • Supersized tray has removable dishwasher safe insert
  • Expensive
  • Better for hard surfaces, Issues rolling on thicker carpets
  • Recommended Maximum child height 33.5”, weight 30lbs

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Some parents don’t want all the toys and “hoopla” that comes with the typical baby walkers. What you may find with this particular baby walker is that it has a simple design but you may need some toys to go with it. The design is simplistic and yet works well for parents. It gets to basics and yet it gives you everything that you need for the comfort and happiness of your baby.  If you are interested in a baby walker that can also serve as a high chair then this is the best one out there. That makes it a very functional and versatile piece of baby equipment.

Having multiple uses means you get a lot for your money, and that’s a great thing for many parents.  It’s safe to put baby into and quite durable so it will sustain you and baby for a long time.

Since it doubles as a highchair, the walker has to be easily cleaned, with a dishwasher safe removable insert for the tray and a machine washable seat pad.

Some parents have said that perhaps the only drawback is that it’s not great for bigger babies.  The maximum child height is 33.5”, which the average boy reaches around 21 months, average girl reaches around 23 months.
It is on the expensive side and though it is a great walker and gives you a lot of wonderful benefits, be sure that it’s a good fit for you specifically. This is why it has a higher ranking and though it is a higher price point, if it can stand the test of time.

Safety 1st Sounds ‘N Light Discovery Walker - “Our Pick, The Value Walker”

  • Two activity trays with toys
  • Machine washable material
  • Grip keeps baby from going too far
  • May be too high off the ground

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This is a great walker particularly for the price point. .It’s a great way to keep baby entertained and in a contained space at the same time. Baby has toys to play with which is important, but it also is safe enough to put them in while you are nearby. This is definitely one of the top picks because it’s a great value, it’s sure to keep baby interested and entertained, and it’s also safe to use which matters greatly to parents.

This is a walker that gives you so much more than you ever knew you needed. It has two activity trays with toys that attach and remove easily. You might not see the need for this until you understand just how much you use this with your baby. This is also a walker that can grow with your little one too. It has room for their legs as they grow and therefore they can move around in it for some time.

Some parents may say that the walker is actually too far off the ground and that it’s intended for taller babies. The benefits so outweigh this though that it’s not something to hold you back.

The material is also machine washable which is a huge benefit for parents. Your little one may make a mess in their walker, but you can clean it up easily and get them in there and moving again. Your baby will have no problem moving around in it, but the good news is that the grip will keep them from going too far or traveling on uneven surfaces.

Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center – “The Dancer Walker”

  • MP3 hookup available for music
  • Easily transportable
  • Durable and high quality
  • High price point
  • Mostly digital toys attached

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The Chicco Dance Walker is a bright, well designed walker that offers some adorable toys for baby to play with. This walker has an MP3 hookup so that you can keep baby entertained while they play.  On demand music for your infant certainly catapults you into tech savvy territory!

This allows you to play music and therefore keep baby happy that much longer. It may not be the best choice for the frugal mom, but parents love the durability of this walker so they will tell you it’s a great value.

This is a walker that folds flat for easy storage or transport,  which creates added value for you as the parent. We all run victim to toys piling up in the corner, but you can stow this one away for the next baby.

Children up to 26.5 lbs can use this walker, and 3 height adjustments are allowed.  The tray is even removable for an extra toy to take with you on the go, in case you want to leave the rest of the walker behind.

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker – “The Extended Use Walker”

  • Simulates a shopping cart experience
  • Removable toys for floor play or walker play
  • Versatile walker that will last through toddler years
  • May require a more watchful eye than seated walkers

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Do you take your baby to the grocery store with you?  Well now your baby can take you, with this handy little shopping cart.  The popcorn pops as the walker goes or on the push of a button, and you can even hear cooking sounds from the mini stovetop on the cart.

Your baby can sit on the floor and play with the removable cook top, or the cart legs lock to make it a stationary stovetop.   Of course pushing the cart to walk is part of the fun.  After learning to walk, toddlers still love the shopping cart function, and this cart will get extended use.

There’s no seat for your baby so this is not the type of walker you can plop your baby in and pop into another room.  Though you’re not supposed to do that anyway with any walker!  But I get it, with seated walkers it’s a little tempting if you just need to grab something and the baby is in a safe area.  However this was our favorite pick for non seated walkers.

Baby Trend Activity Walker - "The Low Frills Walker”

  • Good solid walker with a removable toy bar
  • Simple but solid design
  • Lower price point and great value
  • Not as comprehensive with attached toys

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What makes this such an appealing walker is that it is priced well, simple, and has a roomy tray. This is appealing to parents who want a walker but don’t want to spend a ton on all the bells and whistles. It can offer entertainment and though it may not be as durable or transportable as others, it still serves the purpose. Baby can move around with ease and that’s typically part of the point of getting a walker. You will also find that the removable toy bar offers variety for an infant.

It’s a simple design but it gives your baby and you as the parent exactly what you need. It may not be as built up as other walkers, but it most certainly gives you what you need in a product like this. It offers plenty of entertainment, and at the lower price point it may be a great value for parents and still give them what they are looking for. This is a great entry level walker which is why it makes it on the list of the best walkers out there.

  • Wooden walker with interesting and engaging toys
  • Makes noises as child pushes
  • Handcrafted and hand sanded hardwood painted with nontoxic dyes
  • Assembly required

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Your child will be making a noticeable statement strolling around with this walker.  It has 3 chomping alligators, fish on the wheels,  ladybug beads, and spinning butterflies to keep things lively.

A nontoxic painted wooden walker, this toy encourages fine motor skills with a classic cart structure.  It's solid and well made and does not damage hardwood floors.  On carpet it works, though on very thick carpet may just run a bit slower.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker – “The Hardwood Explorer"

  • Sturdy frame
  • Removable toys as part of the walker
  • Easy to clean and highly transportable
  • Lower price point but still good quality
  • Rolls on carpet only when baby is strong enough
  • Limited sideways mobility

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This walker sports an elliptical frame that is sturdy and supportive of beginning walkers.  To live up to the Baby Einstein brand, the entertainment comes with classical melodies and 3 languages.  Though it can move on carpet, your baby generally needs to have some strength in the legs before this can happen.

This walker can withstand up to 25 lbs comfortably, which is slightly less than the other walkers we’ve reviewed, but still probably big enough for babies in the pre-walking stage.

The removable toys offer a great option so that baby can stay entertained when needed in this walker. The benefits don’t end there though because it’s easy to clean which parents care about. It’s also easy to transport because it’s sturdy and yet light enough for parents to take with them on the go. Babies will love the entertainment and mobility of this walker. Parents will love the price point and how easy it is to use, to clean, and to take with them almost anywhere.  It’s cute and it’s a helpful tool for parents who want to keep baby entertained.


There’s no real rush to get your babies walking, though they certainly love the motion (and the freedom!).  Getting to walk is certainly fun for the baby though, and might offer a little breather for parents from entertaining!

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