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Pampers Swaddlers Vs Cruisers Vs Baby Dry

  • Features a newborn notch for baby’s umbilical stump
  • Size range: newborn to size 6 (6-35 pounds)
  • Features wetness stripe
  • Absorb away liner helps reduce wetness
  • Super soft
  • Wetness channels

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These are disposable diapers that are super soft and designed to keep your baby as dry and comfortable as possible. It features an Absorb Away Liner that helps to pull the wetness away from your baby’s skin and into the diaper, thus ensuring your baby can get an uninterrupted sleep, free from rashes. It also has a unique feature, the newborn notch that accommodates your little one’s umbilical stump and prevents your baby from feeling any irritability in that sensitive area. The wetness stripe feature is extremely helpful; the line changes colors and tells the parent/caregiver that it’s time for a diaper change; this can prevent unnecessary changes and also help prevent rashes. The Pampers Swaddlers also have wetness channels that help to evenly distribute the wetness, allowing for longer usage and protection.

  • Three-Way Fit
  • Super soft
  • Wetness channels for up to 12 hours of protection
  • Affordable
  • Size range: size 3 – 7 (16 – 41 pounds)

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These are diapers designed to give your baby/toddler the freedom to play and explore without worrying about getting wet. They are specially designed to prevent leakages around the sides and legs for active babies who can roll, crawl or walk. Made from super soft material, they feel almost like cloth diapers, ensuring the comfort of your baby. They have a special Three-Way Fit that helps prevent leakages; it does this by not only adapting at the waist but also the legs and bottom. So when your child walks, runs or bends, the diaper moves with them! Similar to the Swaddlers, the Cruisers have wetness channels that distribute the wetness evenly across the diaper, allowing for up to 12 hours of protection.

  • Wetness channels for even distribution
  • 3X drier than average diapers
  • Color changing wetness indicators
  • Comes in sizes newborn – size 6
  • High absorbency – 12 hour protection
  • Lightweight and comfy to wear

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Available in sizes newborn to size 6, these diapers are designed to keep your little one as dry as possible. They are 3X drier than the average diapers; this is because it has three layers of absorbency versus only two layers in regular diapers.

They are perfect for night time use as they can help keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours and hence prevent leakages and rashes; this ensures a restful sleep for your little one. They are lightweight and thin (and so comfy for your baby to wear) but still extremely effective at absorbing the wetness. Sizes newborn, 1 and 2 all have color changing wetness indicators that let you know when your little one needs a diaper change. They have magic wetness channels that are a particularly useful feature as they help in distributing the liquid evenly across the diaper –this helps prevent sagging.

Pampers Swaddlers vs Cruisers vs Baby Dry

You might be wondering which particular diaper is best for you and your baby. Choosing the right diaper depends on many factors such as the age of your baby, his mobility and the particular use you have in mind (such as for travel, regular daily use or night time use). To help you out, we’ve done a side by side comparison of the features of these 3 diapers including their similarities and differences.

What are the similarities?

All three diapers are soft, comfortable and made from high quality materials. They all boast high absorbency and are designed to keep your little one as dry and comfy as possible. All three have wetness channels that serve the function of distributing the liquid evenly across the diaper and hence prevent leakages and sagging.

The Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry both have color changing wetness indicators; this lets parents know when the baby needs a change and hence can help prevent rashes. Both the Pampers Cruisers and the Baby Dry boast 12 hour protection which is a feature most parents look for particularly when purchasing diapers for travel or night time use.

What are the differences?  

The Pampers Swaddlers are designed for smaller babies that are not yet very mobile; their features are hence targeted towards smaller babies. This includes the newborn notch for the baby’s umbilical stump that helps prevent your baby from feeling irritability in that area.

The Pampers Cruisers on the other hand are designed for older kids who are active and mobile; the features of the diaper are hence centered on toddlers with a lot of movement. Their Three-Way Fit feature means that the diaper does not only adapt at the waist but also at the legs and bottom, hence preventing the diaper from leaking when the child moves a lot.

Lastly, Pampers Baby Dry are specifically designed to help keep your baby as dry as possible. This is an extremely useful feature for night time use since a dry baby at night time means longer and more restful sleep. The main selling point of these diapers is their high level of absorbency. Unlike regular diapers that only have two layers the Baby Dry diapers have three layers which means 3X more absorbency.


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pampers swaddlers cruisers baby dry
pampers swaddlers cruisers baby dry



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