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5 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

New moms may have just found out that breastfeeding, while natural, certainly does not come naturally to most women (and babies for that matter). It’s a little bit of a shock to also find out that the breastfeeding relationship can also be affected by the bottle feeding relationship. Finding

For some moms, the idea of choosing a bottle for their breastfed babies is overwhelming. They do not like the idea of switching from the breast to the bottle, and they may fear that the baby will suffer from nipple confusion and may not take to the breast as easily. These are natural worries, but the manufacturers of bottles understand the importance of breastfeeding and the necessity of bottles.

Working mothers will need to find a bottle that a caregiver can use to feed the baby while the mother is at work. Moms who stay home may occasionally want their babies to take a bottle from a caregiver so they can have a night out or a break. Some families opt to use bottles with breastmilk so that the fathers have some bonding time.

No matter your reasons for choosing to use a bottle for your breastfed baby, there are plenty of excellent choices on the market to make the transition smoother. I’ve identified the 5 best bottles for breastfed babies on the market to help you in your search.

Things to Consider When Shopping

A bottle for a breastfed baby should imitate breastfeeding as closely as possible. It should have a similar feeling and flow. When researching bottles, I focused on five different factors to help identify which bottles would work best for breastfed babies.

  • Nipple shape – The shape of the nipple should be shaped similarly to a woman’s nipple rather than a standard bottle nipple. It should feel natural and soft to the baby.
  • Size and flow – The size and flow of the nipple is also important. Some nipples are larger and wider than others. Additionally, all bottles should come with nipples of various flows for your baby to receive milk at the speed for the baby’s age. For example, babies under 3 months will use a slow flow nipple. However, this flow varies from one nipple to the next.

  • Bottle shape – The shape of the bottle is important because you will be holding it and later your baby will hold it. Beyond the shape for holding it, you should also pay attention to how it fits in a diaper bag and stands on a table.

  • Cleaning/Assembly – Some bottles are easier than others to clean. Along with cleaning, look at the overall assembly. Does it have several pieces? Will you be able to make a bottle quickly?

  • Price – Of course, you should also pay attention to the price. Does the quality match the price?

  • Natural nipple shape and flow
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • Ventilation system to help avoid air
  • Difficult assembly
  • Some leaking

Price $$​

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The MAM anti-colic bottle is a great choice for breastfeeding babies because the nipple is designed to feel natural with its patented Skin Soft textured nipple. The bottle’s nipple has a flatter shape designed to fit in the baby’s mouth easily. Since the shape and feel of the nipple resemble a woman’s breast, it is easier for a baby to shift from breast to bottle and back again.

These bottles do come with several nipples in various flows (slow, medium, fast, and extra fast). The nipples are interchangeable. The slow flow nipple does seem to flow more slowly. Additionally, the bottle is designed with a vented base to help with colic and gas.

The bottle has a wide opening making it easy to clean the inside of the bottle. Parents can also place this bottle in the microwave for 3 minutes to self-sterilize. While it is easy to clean inside and in the microwave, it does have more parts than the other bottles. Therefore, assembly can be a little difficult. Additionally, if you do not tighten all the parts just right, there will be some leaking.


  • Natural feel with wide-shaped nipples and comfort petals
  • Anti-colic system
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Ergonomic design
  • Some leaking

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This trusted brand name bottle was designed by scientists, healthcare professionals, and mothers. It stands out because it uses nipples that are wide-shaped with comfort petals designed to mimic a woman’s breast and make for a more natural latch-on. The nipples are soft and flexible; however, the nipples do not collapse while the baby is feeding.

It also includes a range of flows and an anti-colic system. This anti-colic system is a set of twin valves that vent air into the bottle instead of into the baby’s belly. Another standout feature is the ergonomic design of the bottle making it easier for parents and babies to hold.

The Avent bottle is easy to clean. It has a wide opening, and it is dishwasher and microwave safe. It is also very easy to assemble with few parts.

  • Soft, flexible nipple that boosts natural oral development
  • Air ventilation system
  • Easy to clean with few parts
  • Ergonomic design
  • Protective cover means no leaking
  • Slow flow nipple is a little faster than other brands
  • More expensive

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Lansinoh is a leader in breastfeeding products, and the company designed this bottle with breastfeeding babies in mind. The bottle is designed so that the baby will use the same feeding actions at the breast and the bottle. The silicone nipple is very soft, flexible, and durable.

The bottles come with nipples in various flows that are interchangeable. I did notice that the slow flow seemed to flow a little faster than other nipple brands. Depending on how your baby feeds, this may be an issue. The Lansinoh bottle also has an air ventilation system to help reduce gas and colic. It has an ergonomic design.

The mOmma bottle is easy to clean with fewer parts than other brands. This also makes it easier to assemble. One of the parts is a protective cover that helps to prevent leaks.

  • Soft, squeezable bottle
  • Natural nipple shape
  • Anti-colic vents
  • Very easy to clean
  • No leaking
  • Prone to tipping due to the shape of the base
  • May not fit in bottle warmers
  • More expensive

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The Comotoma Natural Feel Bottle is a mom favorite because not only does the nipple feel soft, the actual bottle is also made of a soft, skin-like, squeezable material that makes it easier for babies to grip. The nipples are naturally shaped with a wide base to mimic a breast. This helps prevent bottle rejection.

Another stand out feature is that the Comotoma bottle slow flow nipples are true slow flow nipples. The bottle also has dual anti-colic vents.

This bottle is also very easy to clean with its wide opening – you can fit your hand inside it to clean without using a bottle brush! Additionally, it is safe in the microwave, boiling water, dishwashers, and sterilizers.

  • Used by breastfeeding and formula feeding babies
  • No vacuum design
  • Durable nipples with various flows
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Affordable
  • Several parts make for difficult assemble and cleaning
  • Tip easily because of shape
  • Some leaking

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Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles are a popular choice for mothers who are breastfeeding or formula feeding. These bottles were developed by a doctor and tested on his own children. The bottles feature a patented “no vacuum” design that helps to prevent fluid in the ear and a vent system that prevents air from mixing with breastmilk.

It does include nipples with various flows that are interchangeable. The nipples are durable and do not collapse during feedings. While the bottles are dishwasher safe, they are difficult to clean because they are made of several parts. This also makes assembly more difficult. If the bottle is not assembled just right, there may be some leaking.

Introduce Bottle To Breastfed Babies Confidently

Most babies will need to be introduced to a bottle at some point during their first year as babies should drink from a bottle until age 1. However, breastfeeding mothers are discouraged from introducing a bottle too early. You want your baby to be in a fully established breastfeeding routine before introducing the bottle to avoid breast rejection.

Finally, each baby is different. Babies take to different bottles for various reasons. All the bottles listed here are excellent choices, but do not become discouraged if your baby rejects a bottle. You may have to try multiple bottles to find the one that works best for your little one.

What is your favorite bottle for breastfed babies? Did it make our list? Let us know in the comments.




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