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Don’t Let Having Kids Stop You From Traveling the World

You have always loved to travel. You and your spouse started visiting some amazing places before the marriage. You continued traveling to lands of intrigue and beauty after the wedding, especially for the honeymoon. Then the children came, and all of that journeying around the world came to a pause.


Having children should not deter you from going to the places that draw your attention. You do have to prepare a bit more before exploring cultures in a far off land, and that can be annoying, but don’t let that hold you back.

Get out and explore the world with your child! Continue to travel for your own exploratory satisfaction (humans are explorers by nature, after all), but also do it for the sake of your children.

There are many reasons why you should not give up travel when you have kids. Below, we will explore some of those reasons.


Traveling with your kids to foreign countries will expose them to new people. They will gain an understanding that the world has many cultures, not just the one they were born into. They will discover customs they are unaccustomed to and languages they have never heard spoken before.

Your children will become more diverse and more tolerant of these cultures – and that is what this world needs, more tolerance. Because of this exposure to the people of the world, they will be more accepting of immigrants and lifestyles within their own country.

They will also be more likely to learn a second or third language. They will be more apt to enter fields of employment involving international affairs, translating languages, and marketing for other cultures. Your kids will become more humanitarian as they grow into adults, or sooner. They could end up being one of these five year olds baking cookies to raise money for charities.

Pique Their Interests

Aside from an interest in world cultures and languages, your children will become more interested in the world itself. This could be an interest in world geography; getting to know the different features of the world, their location on a map, and what makes each environment unique, can lead them to a variety of careers in this field.

This interest could also lead them to helping those in need. By traveling the world and seeing the conditions some people are forced to live under, they may take it upon themselves to effect change in those areas. Impoverished people may need help with housing or food. Some may need access to clean water while others may need equipment and information in agriculture. Experiencing these things first hand may instill a desire to help these people struggling to live.

Thirst for Knowledgetravel

Taking your children with you to other areas of the world will have them learning something new constantly. They will become accustomed to discovering new things, whether it be a tradition of the local people, a bit of history of the country you are visiting, or interesting facts about the native flora and fauna. Your kids will have a thirst for knowledge.

This desire for more information will help them through their school years. They will be more attentive in school, possibly even leading them to earn higher grades. They may already be versed in certain subjects and be able to share their knowledge when the matter comes up in class – they could teach the class something more than what the textbooks instruct. They could also help students who are struggling in a subject.

This thirst will help them through their adult lives as they begin seeking answers. The natural exposure to learning, as traveling provides, will have your children questioning things. They will not take statements at face value, they will not accept processes remaining the same because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” They will question everything.

As annoying as that could be, it is a good trait for them to develop. They will find the truth behind political and social issues, and they will establish new procedures to improve efficiency in their field of employment. A child with a thirst for knowledge will not accept the status quo.


Children who are taken on adventures will want to experience more. They will want to go ice climbing on the Fox Glacier in New Zealand, hike through the pristine wilderness of Yosemite in the US, interact with the indigenous people of Brazil. They will want to continue exploring the world.

This is a great desire for your children to have. Regardless of the demands placed upon us by 21st Century life, your kids will break free from the hustle and bustle of the working world to experience the natural world; and they will do it more often than generations past. They will live their lives full of spectacular landscapes, amazing wildlife, and interesting cultures.

If you continue to travel with your children, you will be developing them into better rounded people capable of so many wonderful things. You will help establish the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, as well as mold the culture of the future to be better than the present.

As you journey with your kids to other lands far away – or even areas of your own country – be sure to document your travels. More than just posting pictures on social media, create a domain name and start a website where you can blog about your adventures with your kids. You can share the world with the world, and show other parents that traveling with children can, and should, be done.

As they get older, your kids will be able to look back at the blog and see all of the places they have been, even if they were too young to develop a memory of it. They can also take over the blog and continue sharing their adventures in the world with the world. Not only will readers love to read about your trips to other countries, they will enjoy watching your kids grow up and blog about their own journeys to distant lands.
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