How To Fix Mummy Tummy – Glow Body PT Post Pregnancy Plan

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When we become mothers, and probably beforehand, we get really good at ignoring our own needs.  There's always a good excuse like the baby needs to eat, or the baby takes an hour to put to sleep (if we're lucky!).

What I've noticed with me?  (and many moms)  The little things I forget start with my own body.

It starts pretty small, like a missed shower (or 2 or 3), or maybe a missed tooth brushing session.   Or I grab a handful of chips instead of a meal, because breastfeeding has me scarfing food down left and right but leaves no time for making a good meal.

Fast forward years later and my body is in the worst shape I can remember.  And it shows.

But I had a baby!  That skin, stretch marks, and extra tummy are like a souvenir of this adorable little baby.  I've been extraordinarily busy creating life and maintaining it!

Let's be honest.  I've been choosing to take care of everyone but myself.

Not only that, but no one tells you during pregnancy that the weight you're carrying isn't doing any favors to your abs.

Pretty naive of me, but I actually thought it could help strengthen my abs, just like lifting weights helps a bodybuilder.

Never did I think that my ab muscles would instead separate, which is clinically known as diastisis recti.  Over half of women experience some kind of ab separation postpartum.

In my case, I have a separation that's over 3 fingers wide!  Basically I'm skinny everywhere else with a bulging tummy.

After the 2nd kid I decided to finally do something about it.  But where would I find the time?

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I found Ashley Keller of GlowBody PT through a youtube video.  This Army veteran was frustrated by all the prenatal workouts that acted like pregnant women were made of glass.  She's a certified personal trainer, pre & postnatal exercise specialist, and mommy of 3.

I signed up for her 12 week post pregnancy plan.  It's broken up into 3 phases, 4 days a week.  The best part is that it's tailored for busy moms, and the workouts are typically only 10-20 minutes.  I'm nearing the end of phase 2 and the longest one has been 30 minutes.

She'll make you work!  The goal is results and there's no time to muck around.  Even after not working out for awhile I have found the pace very doable.

I've really needed this! It's given me the confidence that I can handle my growing babies – that preschooler is heavy).  Looking forward to sharing my results!

If you'd like to join me in trying this plan, you can receive $10 off with the code: fulltimebaby10.

I'll be back with results.


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