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100+ Ways To Get Free Infant Car Seats(In 50 states), Diapers, or Baby Food (Updated 2022)

Becoming a parent is one of the most important moments in your life. Your little bundle of joy is completely dependent on you and that responsibility may feel heavy - you want to give babies every single thing in your power.   To help you along the way, you'll be using a whole host of baby supplies, from infant car seats to diapers.  Don't forget items that will help momma too from this pre-baby registry checklist.

The reality is that baby products are expensive and these items add up.  It might even feel like you're emptying out your pockets to make the life of your baby comfortable. But you know what? If you are a little clever about it, you can get through the newborn stage without putting a massive hole in your bank account.

Let’s break down the most important products that you need for your baby and then find a way to get it for free or at least highly subsidized!

Infant Car Seats

infant carseatCar seats are mandatory in the US if you are travelling with an infant in a motor vehicle. Not only is it the law, but car seats save lives.  Car crashes are unfortunately the number one killer of children ages 1-12 in the US.

Choosing The Right Car Seat For Your Baby

Any car seat should be chosen to fit your child’s size and weight. From birth to 12 months  your child should always ride in a rear facing car seat.  Infant car seats are specifically designed to be facing.   The American Academy of Pediatrics actually provides a list of car seats and manufacturers, which is an excellent guide.

Car Seats Expire

One little known fact is that most infant car seats have an expiration date of 6-8 years after manufacture.  Plastics don’t last forever, and the integrity of the car seat can be compromised after wear and tear or just sitting in a hot car for years.

Do not settle for any free infant car seat that comes your way. Free baby car seats still need to adhere to the safety standards.  If you want one that lasts through toddlerhood, you will need to find a convertible car seat.

Where Do You Find A Free Baby Car Seat?

Free car seats are often available either from parents looking to reduce clutter (because baby stuff really does pile up!) or from organizations that assist low income families.  Most of these organizations are (by necessity) going to be local, so it’s worth looking up your local departments.

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Government Assistance

  • WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) -  The WIC program provides federal money to states for programs that offer nutrition and health education to women, infants, and children.  There are eligibility requirements for the overall program, but if you already enrolled, car seats can also be obtained.
  • Social Services - The Department of Children & Family Services locally can often help to help you out with a free car seat. Be prepared with the necessary documents and proof that you are the legal parent of the child to benefit from their schemes. For example in Fairfax County there’s a Child Safety Seat Education and Distribution Program
  • State Departments of Health - For example Texas has a SafeRiders Car seat distribution program, though it's been suspended during COVID
  • Police & Fire Departments - Your local police and fire officers can often help you to get a free infant car seat. They are also handy for helping to install your car seat
  • Call 211 - Dialing 2-1-1 from your phone gives you access to community services.  The hotline is staffed by trained specialists

Health Insurance

  • Private Insurance or Medicaid - If you are insured, then you should ask your health insurance provider if they provide free baby car seats. For example, depending on the state Medicaid offers this service. You can look through your policy document for more details, or you call customer support and specifically ask
    • Superior Healthplan - Offers baby showers, which if you attend, may provide additional benefits.  Once a notification of pregnancy form is filled out, free diapers and diaper bags can be provided.  If a prenatal visit to the doctor is made as well, a convertible car seat is provided.  These are some of the services provided in Texas, for example
    • Amerigroup - Gives car seats following 13 prenatal visits to the doctor
    • Molina - Provides car seats after 6 prenatal doctor visits

Charities And Nonprofits

  • Safe Kids - A non-profit organization that is present in all 50 states. You can find one in your area or contact them over the phone. They may be able to provide car seats, and they can also teach you to install your car seat for free
  • Salvation Army - The Salvation army takes donations locally and may have car seats to offer
  • Planned Parenthood is another non-profit organization to try - check with your local Planned parenthood
  • United Way - This is a non-profit organization that can help you in getting a free infant car seat. Call and let them know that you are not in a position to provide a car seat for your baby
  • Baby2baby - This nonprofit's mission is to provide low-income children with diapers, clothing, and basic necessities.  They've distributed 39 million items in 7 years and are available in 20 cities across the US.  Their site also lists some resources, for example for children in Los Angeles.  Support is provided for kids 0-12 with gently used gear necessities.

Private Organizations

  • Buy Nothing Group - Started with a mission to bring communities together, your local buy nothing group may offer useful household items
  • Facebook Marketplace - A listing marketplace that occasionally has free or at least discounted items
  • Toyota Buckle Up for Life - Car seat donations from a car manufacturer
  • Nextdoor - This is a social networking site for neighbors, and an easy place to list goods
  • Craigslist – Started in 1995, one of the most well known free classified listings on the web. Craigslist has localized sites and you can find local donors of car seats and arrange for pickup.  If not for free, the car seats are often heavily discounted.  Because the history of the car seat cannot be confirmed, there are risks to going this route
  • Ask Your Pediatrician -  Pediatricians may be well placed to direct you to a local organization that can help you with a subsidized or a free infant car seat program
  • Local hospitals – While at the hospital giving birth, you can also check with them for resources
  • CPST Technicians- Child passenger safety technicians are trained to install car seats correctly.  They include policemen, fire fighters, paramedics, doctors, and nurses and have seen enough car seats to be able to advise you on cheap carseats.

Seat Installation

Getting a safe, free baby car seat is just the first step.  It’s also crucial to make sure it’s installed properly.  This goes for larger car seats as well as smaller ones.  A shocking 95% of new parents install their car safety seats incorrectlyTo avoid compromising your child’s safety, certified technicians can actually install the car seat for you, typically for free.

There are sometimes car seat installation classes as well.  For example in Arizona, the CAPP (Children Are Priceless Passengers) program sponsored by the Phoenix’s Children Hospital, offers a class on child safety seats, though the fee is $35.

Car Seat Accessory

  • Car seat canopies comes in handy to cover a sleeping baby. Visit carseatcanopy.com, click "Shop Now", and during checkout enter the promo code "FTBOFF" and you will receive a free canopy.  Just pay shipping and handling.

We've compiled local resources in all 50 states at the bottom.  Click the button to jump to them.



stack of diapers


As these are a relatively lower-cost item, free diapers are easier to find per unit than free baby car seats. You might not find overnight diapers, but regular diapers can be tracked down.  If you cannot pay for the diapers right now, then here are some good places where you can find free diapers.

  • Free Samples - This is not a long-term strategy. Most diaper companies have aggressive sales strategies, so they are more than happy to send you free samples of their products. All you have to do is register on their website and ask for a free sample. They will readily send a pack with at least a few of their diapers, along with extras like baby wipes.
  • National Diaper Bank - Another non-profit, National Diaper Bank Network is dedicated to enriching the lives of the mothers and the infants, one diaper at a time. Food stamps and other social programs do not provide for diapers. So, if you need assistance, you can contact National Diaper Bank’s local chapter in your area. They provide diapers for free.
  • Loyalty Programs - Many companies like Huggies and Pampers have loyalty programs. Obviously, to take advantage of the program, you have to first buy their products. So, it’s not exactly free, but a bit of a rebate.
  • Baby2baby - Provide baby gear for low income families

Baby Food

Babies are not ready for solids until 6 months, and the World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding until then. Even though momma's milk is recommended, every family has to make their own choice between breastfeeding and formula.

Most formula companies offer an introductory package to promote their brand.

  • Similac Strongmoms - $400 worth of baby formula samples, formula coupons, and nutritional advice
  • Enfamily Family Beginnings - $400 of infant and toddler formula samples, discount coupons for formula, stickers to mark your baby's development, and expert tips

Even when you start on solids, the process is slow and gradual.  Most babies start out with purees and relatively easy to digest food.

Sourcing the right baby food is absolutely critical to good health and proper growth of the child. Here are a few easy ways for you to get baby food for subsidized rates or even free.

  • Women, Infants & Children (WIC) -As previously mentioned, WIC is a state-run program that you may qualify for if your family income is below the federal income limit. This program provides nutritious food for both mothers and the infants. You can also get baby formula for your babies.
  • Ask Your Doctor - Pediatricians may have samples of their own from companies to give out, but they will also be in touch with local sources.  Gerber used to offer a nutritional kit but the program has been discontinued.  They still seem to send kits to doctors though.  To double check for reinstatement call 1-800-284-9488.


Finding ways to support your newborn baby, especially if you are in need, will hopefully be less stressful with these ideas.

Have you heard of any other ways to find free baby supplies?

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Free Car Seat Resources in all 50 States

Alabama Free Car Seats

  • Children's of Alabama  – Free seats are only available for patients that don't have a carseat when discharged.  Before getting the seat, families must first watch a short video about how to use it.
  • Huntsville Hospital –  AL-Madison County, program for those on food stamps, Medicaid, or WIC.  Dial 256-265-7296
  • Committee on Church Cooperation - (Decatur, Alabama) Call (256) 355-8893
  • Broad Street Church of Christ- (Scottsboro, Alabama) Call 256-574-2489

Arizona Free Car Seats

Arkansas Free Car Seats

  • Farm Bureau – A local farmers union you can join.  Members get a car seat for $25 and boosters for $15.  Call 800-815-6330
  • Child Passenger Safety Education Program - Charged with educating and installing car seats, they also can lend car seats to low income families 

California Free Car Seats

  • Ultimate Guide By County – Comprehensive guide of the car seat programs in essentially every county of California.  Also has information on inspections
  • Keen ‘Em safe – Qualifying families can get 1 car seat per family if they do not already have a car seat or are in need of a replacement.  The program assists low/medium-income and refugee families who must show proof.

  • Los Angeles County Programs -  7 programs are listed here that provide rear facing, convertible, or booster car seats.

  • Alameda County Programs - Here's a list of car seat assistance programs in Alameda County
  • Venice Family Clinic has free car seats from 2 primary locations.  You must reside in LA county and be able to show proof of residency:
    • Santa Monica: Venice Family Clinic Simms/Mann Health & Wellness Center - Two-hour training for parents on child passenger safety.
      Contact Person: Camillia Villate, Prenatal Educator
      Contact Details: 310/664-7857 [email protected]
      Address: 2509 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica 90405
    • Venice Family Clinic Levine Family Health Center - Two-hour training for parents on child passenger safety.
      Contact Person: Luz Casillas, Prenatal Health Educator
      Contact Details: 310/664-7864 [email protected]
      Address: 905 Venice Blvd. Venice 90291
  • Orange County Programs - 20+ orange county programs for no or low cost car seats.  Some programs even provide exchanges for expired car seats.   

  • San Bernardino county’s public health department - Low cost car seats are available to eligible parents in need of a car seat.  You must complete a car seat safety program also.  Call  1(800) 782-4264 for more information.

Colorado Free Car Seats

  • Montezuma County – Injuries to kids from car accidents are preventable and if you are a low-income family living in Montezuma County, you can benefit from Montezuma County’s public health department’s Car Safety Seat and Bike Helmet Program for Children. Car seats may be available for families at a reduced cost. You can find more information about this program here. Similarly, People from El Paso CountyLarimer County(asks for a $30 donation per seat) Gunnison CountyMesa County, or Washington County can take advantage of programs that offer either free or reduced-priced car seats. Inner City health center extends its program statewide and offers free car seats and gift baskets to families in need.
  • Custer County provides car seats at no charge, they do not rent them any longer. The contact information for Custer County is as below: Elisa R. Livengood BSN RN
    Director of Public Health
    Custer County Public Health Agency
    10 Hermit Ln #5
    Silver Cliff, Co 81252
    Office: 719-783-3369
    Cell: 719-458-9211
    Fax: 719-783-0959

Connecticut Free Car Seats

  • Eligibility – The good folks at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center are providing car seats for just $5 each through their The Kids In Safety Seats – CT (KISS-CT) Program. You can get more information about the eligibility criteria here.
  • Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, is known for keeping babies warm and well. They give vouchers for almost everything, and that include free car seats too. You can contact them at (860) 599-3285.
  • Hope pregnancy is focused on providing support to people who are dealing with unplanned pregnancies. They also accept donations of baby equipment like cribs and car seats. They have a program where you can earn points for completing courses and these points can be redeemed for free car seats and other resources.

Delaware Free Car Seats

  • Delaware Opportunities Inc – is a private, not-for-profit organization, and they have a car seat donation program that provides free car seats to low-income families. More information on the program can be found here.
  • Delaware general health district has collaborated with safe kids worldwide to provide seat installation, seat checks, and distribution of seats to qualifying residents of Delaware.

Florida Free Car Seats

  • The Florida Farm Bureau Federation – is looking after the farmers of Florida. Their mission is “to increase the net income of farmers and ranchers, and to improve the quality of rural life.”
  • Childsource Child Safety Seat – is a program to improve the quality and safety of the kids of the Bureau’s members. Through this program, the members can get a high-quality car seat for one-third of the retail price!
  • Florida health Pinellas county is providing installation training and free education to all the children hospitals throughout the Tampa Bay area. They have a professional staff that is certified by National highway traffic and safety administration. They also provide free seats to families in financial difficulties.
  • Johns Hopkins all children hospital is a prestigious institute and a well-respected name in the world of research and medicine. They provide car seats at a reduced price of $20 to the families that are enrolled in government-assisted programs. You can call them at 1-800-756-7233 Ext. 4. For more information.

Georgia Free Car Seats

  •  Georgia Department of Public Health – has a comprehensive guide on kids’ safety in the cars. This resource includes videos, tips, and safety programs. They will also help you get a free car seat through your local counties. You can contact your local country to inquire about the availability of the car seat.
  • Children’s Hospital of Georgia will charge you $10 for an extensive course on how to keep your kids safe in the car. As 4 out of 5 car seats are used incorrectly, this is a great place to learn how to make sure you are using the seat properly and not putting your kid’s life in danger. They will also provide free car seats to deserving people. You can contact them at 706-721-7606.
  • South Health District of Georgia Department of Public Health also has a car seat program that aims at facilitating low-income families by providing them free car seats. The seats are distributed through local counties, and you have to complete a small course before getting the seat.
  • SAFE KIDS Cobb & SAFE KIDS Douglas Counties is a collaboration between Cobb, Douglas Counties, and safe kids worldwide. They provide education and training on things related to the safety of the kids like water safety, Bicycle Safety, Fire Safety, Pedestrian Safety, and Youth Sports Safety. They also have inspection stations where you can get your seat inspected for safety. Free car seats, although limited, are also available. You are encouraged to contact them and schedule an appointment first.

Hawaii Free Car Seats

  • https://health.hawaii.gov/injuryprevention/news/hawaii-child-passenger-safety-program/
  • In Hawai‘i with the support from DOT, the Keiki Injury Prevention Coalition (KIPC) and various community partners there are safety check up sites and events on O‘ahu, Kaua‘i, Maui, Moloka‘i and the Big Island, including child passenger services for children with special needs. If you would like further information about the Child Passenger Safety program and a lists of safety check up sites throughout Hawai‘i visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Idaho Free Car Seats

  • Availability – Idaho department of health and welfare is trying to change that through a statewide program that distributes free car seats. You have to check with your local authority to make sure the availability.
  • St. Luke’s Car Seat Program in the Boise area is available at (208) 381-1719. They provide car seats at a discounted price depending on your budget. You can get a seat for free too. Give them a call first to get an appointment which only takes five minutes.
  • Canyon County Paramedics Alice and Middleton Fire Department are two great places to get a car seat for free. They serve the Canyon County, and you can contact them at (208) 795-6930 and (208) 585-6650 respectively.

Illinois Free Car Seats

  • Community Members – In 2018, 675 kids under the age of 12 died in car crashes, and you can prevent that happening to your kid by using a car seat. And If you are living in Chicago, you are in luck as low-cost car seats are available at Stroger Hospital. This program is open to all community members, and you can call them at 312-864-2016.
  • Grant A wish, Inc, run by Vital Thomas, is a donation-based program, and it helps families with basic needs of their kids. They provide necessities like baby food, diapers, milk, baby bottles and, of course, car seats. If you are in need of such items, you can contact them here. They are also in need of free car seat donations; if you want to donate or know anyone who wants to donate car seats, please guide them to their organization. All donations are tax deductible, and everything they provide to economically disadvantaged families is given away free of charge. People donate car seats to them, and they recycle them to those who need them or apply for their program.
  • Buckle Up Program - Lurie Children's is a well-known hospital, and the program aims at reducing car accident fatalities by providing free or reduced-priced car seats. So far, they have distributed more than 1000 car seats.

Indiana Free Car Seats

  • Government Assistance – The Decatur Township Fire Department has partnered with Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to provide free car seats. You can fill out this registration form, and a representative of the fire department will contact you with the availability and schedule. You have to be on government assistance to get a free car seat, but even if you aren’t, you can still get a car seat for $25.
  • Community Health Network – is a statewide organization, and they are helping families who are struggling financially.
  • Car Seat Program – provides free car seats to all the community’s hospitals. You can contact them at toll-free number 800-777-7775 or chat with an agent here.

Iowa Free Car Seats

  • EveryStep Care and Support Service – is a non-profit organization. Its goal is to provide comfort to people in difficult circumstances. Some of its services include Hospice, Community health and wellness, and home care.
  • Stork’s nest – is an educational program of EveryStep that awards points for healthy behavior. These points can be redeemed for car seats and other resources.
  • Safety Store – of The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital stocks a variety of car seats and brands that are sold at prices that won’t be a barrier for families. We can also special order car seats from a variety of vendors. They also provide free education and training by certified child passenger safety technicians on how to use the seats whether you purchase the seat through them or not.
  • The Hannah Geneser Learning Center & Safety Store doesn’t provide free car seats but instead, they partner with manufacturers to provide car seats at a very low cost. The bright side is you get free one-on-one education on how to use the safety devices. By buying a car seat from them, you will also contribute towards the Center for Advocacy and Outreach.

Kansas Free Car Seats

  • Car Seat program – from Swap Health Services. They provide education, training, and car seats to eligible families for just $15. You can apply for the program by calling at 816-599-5409.
  • Educational course – offered by Baby Talk Pregnancy and Newborn Education is free where you can get a free car seat after completing the course. To be able to get a Graco infant carrier from the Baby Talk program you need to attend all 6 of our FREE prenatal education program sessions.
  • Their program consists of 6 classes taught by labor and delivery nurses where moms get to learn about safe sleep, breastfeeding, smoking cessation, signs of preterm labor, nutrition, physical activity during pregnancy, and much more. They do ask that moms are 32 weeks or less to be able to complete the program fully without feeling stressed or rushed, and per our funder (The Kansas Department of Health and Environment) they have to live in Sedgwick County.
  • Injury-free Coalition for kids provides car seats to hospitalized patients regardless of their financial situation. The goal is to promote safe travel and increase the safety of newborns.

Kentucky Free Car Seats

  • If you are enrolled in Anthem Medicaid, you should check this manual out. According to it, the prenatal program makes people eligible for free car seats when “when you go to your PCP or OB/GYN at least seven times while you are pregnant”. You can contact them at 1-855-690-7784.
  • Government-funded program – of the Cornell Police is aimed at providing free car seats to members of the Cornell community. Although the availability is limited, but you should still check out with them by calling (607) 255-7305. They will only provide free child safety seats to the Cornell community and you must be below a certain income level which they verify by requiring you be enrolled in specific public assistance programs such as food stamps, Medicaid, DSS, SS and/or WIC.  They will provide checks of child safety seats for anyone who makes an appointment, and you do NOT need to be a member of the Cornell community. They currently have approximately half a dozen certified child safety seat technicians within their Department alone.

  • Ashland County Health Department also has a free car seat program. You have to provide documentation like an income statement to qualify for this program, and you can Call 419-282-4357 for an appointment.

Louisiana Free Car Seats

  • http://www.lahighwaysafety.org/Pages/OurPrograms/ChildPassengerSafety.aspx
  • In Louisiana, Child Passenger Safety Fitting Stations may be found statewide with over 500 nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians available to make sure your child's safety seats are installed properly.  Proper use and proper installation of child safety seats could be the difference between life and death in the event of a crash.
  • Law firm giving away car seats for families in need - https://www.arklatexhomepage.com/news/louisiana-news/law-firm-giving-away-100-car-seats-to-families-in-need/

Maine Free Car Seats

  • If you are enrolled in government programs like WIC, Medicaid, TANF, or SNAP, you are eligible for a free car seat. In Maine, the Bureau of highway safety distributes car seats through these locations.

Maryland Free Car Seats

  • Baltimore Pregnancy Center located at 7311 Harford Road provides many resources to low-income families. These include bassinets, car seats, strollers, furniture, beds, and more. You can give them a call at 410-426-9992.
  • Kids in Safety Seats car seat rental program – offered by Holy Cross Health. These car seats are rented for 9 months. This is a great resource if you have a temporary financial difficulty and you don’t want that to get in the way of your kid’s safety. You have to make an appointment one month before the delivery, and you can contact them at 301-754-7158.
  • Kids in Safety seat program – run by Maryland Department of Health, the goal of this program is to assist eligible families with the purchase of low-cost seats. They also have a loner program for special needs. You can call them at 800-370-SEAT or email them at [email protected] 

Massachusetts Free Car Seats

  • Free car seat –  a program by the Boston Medical Center aimed at helping families abide by the law in Massachusetts that all kids under 8 years old are fastened in car seats.  Mothers should contact the center one month before the delivery date. You can call them at 888-566-0010 to request your free car or booster seat.
  • Injury prevention program – the Boston Children’s hospital provide free training, tips, instructions, and free car seats to people earning low-income. You can call the Injury Prevention program at 617-355-7332 for more information.

Michigan Free Car Seats

  • Among kids aged 4 to 8, booster seats reduce the risk of serious injury by 45%. Michigan state police have a car distribution program to do exactly that. You can get more information about that program here.
  • Kids Always Ride Safe program by Health system Portage, you can get a car seat for a reduced cost. This program is an education-based program where you will have the opportunity to learn how to use the car seat and keep your kids safe.

  • Injury Prevention Programs, –  of West Michigan's safe kids, Wayne Metro community action agency’s reoccurring free car seat distribution program are some other examples of great resources that can help you in the hard times.

Minnesota Free Car Seats

  • Car Accidents is and will remain a Top Child Killer; Belts and car seats will always provide reliable solutions. If you are in need of a free car seat and you live in Minnesota, you can use this directory by Office of Traffic Safety to find out who has free car seats available and exactly whom to contact in your area.

  • Everyday Miracles is a great resource to get a car seat for free if you are on a shoestring budget. Having a government-funded program through Health Partners, Blue Plus, or UCare makes you eligible for a free car seat and you can request that through this link.

  • SEATS by UCare, car seat program by Baby Blanket, and car seat program by the  Vadnais Heights fire department are some other examples of great resources you can use to get a free car seat for your kids. Having these awesome options means you have no choice but to get a car seat for your kid and make sure of their safety. Please refer to the individual programs for contact information and eligibility criteria.

  • Wakota Life Care Center. – also offers a free car seat. To become eligible for a free car seat, you need to do 2 classes, and attend the car seat safety seminar.

  • In Beltrami County, Bemidji Police Department provides free car seats. They receive a grant from the Minnesota Child Passenger Safety Program through the Office of Traffic Safety. Their program gets a limited number of seats. Detective Leffelman and Officer Carrigan are the two points of contact at the department. There are requirements of the grant that you must meet including financial eligibility, and you are also required to complete the educational portion before you can get a child safety seat,

  • Car seat program –  of Mille Lacs County where you can also get free car seats. Please contact Nikki Herr at ([email protected]) or (320) 983-8208.

Mississippi Free Car Seats

  • https://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/43,0,98,112.html
  • https://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/43,1489,98,112.html
  • https://www.drivinglaws.org/resources/traffic-tickets/traffic-laws/mississippi-child-restraint-laws.h

Missouri Free Car Seats

  • Safety Program –  of SSM Health Cardinal Glennon is aimed at reducing fatalities because they are preventable. They provide resources like CPR classes, Baby Safety 101 classes, and seats at no cost to eligible families.
  • Lincoln county health department is also working towards making people more educated about child passenger safety. Their program is carefully carved to educate new parents on using car seats.
  • A distribution program –  of free car seat is also a part of this amazing educational course. Car seats are limited and only provided to families that are really in need. You call them at (636) 528-6117 to make an appointment.
  • Safe kids Missouri has collaborated with Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and their goal is to provide education, training and safety tips to parents and caregivers. A reduced-cost car seat program lets you get a brand-new car seat for only $25. You can call Cathy at 314-612-5770 or email [email protected] for more information.

Montana Free Car Seats

  • City County Health Department is a place worth checking out if you need a seat at a reduced cost. The car seat’s availability is not sure but you can call Mary Kay at 454-6750 or Davida at 791-9298 to inquire. The health department will also help you with instructions on how to use the car seat.
  • SafeSeat for Baby, a program under Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies- The Montana Coalition, provides car seats at no cost to families in need. When a family is identified, local public health departments or early childhood specialists make a referral to the program. This program ensures that a safe car seat is available for Montana children. Education and training is provided to parents via certified Car Seat Technicians about how to properly install their new car seat. Expect 1-2 weeks to process orders. Funds are limited which is why families need to contact their local health department to express their need.

Nebraska Free Car Seats

  • Training and educational material – provided by Children's Hospital & Medical Center but they are not currently providing a free car seat. In such a case, you are encouraged to contact the injury prevention team at [email protected].

  • CollaboratIon –  the always dependable safe kids have collaborated with non-profit childhood injury prevention organization in Hastings, Nebraska.  They provide education to families on how to use car seats without any cost. They also have free car seats available but you have to be registered with WIC, Medicaid or Kids Connection. You can call them at 402-460-5884 for more information.

  • Car seats available –  from three river's public health at no cost for families that are in need and low-income. They will also help you with the installation of the car seat. It’s a great place get the car seat installed because the technician is performing the role of an educator and you will be the one installing the car seats.

Nevada Free Car Seats

  • Baby's Bounty is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and empower at-risk families by promoting education and interventions, as well as providing the essential tools to ensure a good start for every baby. They are a referral-based agency that, upon completion of their Safe Sleep & Baby Basics class, will give families with newborns clothing & accessories, diapers & wipes, a convertible car seat, a portable crib, and more! You can reach them via phone (702.485.2229) or email ([email protected])."
  • Free Car Seat for Low-Income Families is a blog that will direct you towards a resource where you can find a free car seat. You can check out this blog here.

New Hampshire Free Car Seats

  • Well Sense Health Plan – If you are covered by Well Sense Health Plan you are eligible for a car seat at no cost. All you have to do is Call the Well Sense Member Services Department at 877-957-1300 and request an infant or booster seatfor your kiddo.

New Jersey Free Car Seats

  • https://www.nj211.org/keeping-children-safe
  • https://www.nj211.org/resource-search/taxonomy/JR-8400.1500/_/1
  • Catholic Charities Diocese of Camden - Atlantic Family and Community Services CenterThe Atlantic Family & Community Services Center provides newborn baby supplies to mothers in need, including:
    - Baby clothes
    - Furniture
    - Car seats
    - Cribs
    - Books
    - Diapers
    - Wipes

    Supplies are limited based on available donations.

New Mexico Free Car Seats

  • The state of New Mexico has a contract with Lovelace health plan for the distribution of free car seats. You have to be a member of the Lovelace health plan to benefit from this opportunity. There is a form available here that you can fill. It is available in English and Spanish. And if you have any questions or you need help filling the form, you can contact the Lovelace customer service at 505.727.LOVE.
  • Trumbull Family Resource Center is also having a program where they can help you with a free car seat. You can call them at (505) 256-2005.

  • The New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program is a program funded by the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

  • Los Alamos Medical Center has partnered with the New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program. Families who qualify for the free or reduced-cost seat can contact the OB Department at 1-505-662-4201.

New York Free Car Seats

  • There is no shortage of programs in New York that can help you with a free or reduced-cost car seat. Ardent Solutions has a long-term Car Seat Distribution Program. It caters to the need of newborn kids until they can ride without a car seat. There is an eligibility criterion to qualify for the car seat – you have to be a low-income, legal guardian of the kid, and someone must have a car in the house. You can find more information about this program here.
  • Washington County Public Health is also working towards providing every community member with a car seat. The goal is to give access to low-income families to safety devices. They don’t have very strict criteria too, as you only have to be the resident of Washington County. They can be contacted at (518)746-2400.

  • This is a directory by 2-1-1 that can help you find a car seat in your area. Just enter your Zipcode and it will redirect you towards an organization if free car seats are available in your area.

  • Little Essential’s donation program, Wayne County’s Child Car Seat Inspections & Distribution Program and Delaware county Public Health Service’s Delaware County Car Seat Safety Program are also great resources and worth checking out.

North Carolina Free Car Seats

  • Child Passenger Safety program – of Henderson County is aimed at reducing accidental injuries. They not only provide car seats to residents of Henderson County who do not already have an appropriate car seat for the child in the family, but also provide education on how to use those car seats.
  • Alleghany Partnership for Children at 61 Wee Care Ave. in Sparta. They do charge a fee for the service just so we can keep a running supply of seats going, but it is very minimal. $5 for a low back booster, $15 for a high back booster and $25 for all the other seats.

North Dakota Free Car Seats

  • The Child Passenger Safety program –  run by Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health aims to teach parents how to use car seats. Free seats are also available for deserving families. You can contact them Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health at (701) 355-1540.

  • Safe Kids is a worldwide organization that partners with the local organizations and run many programs that aim at providing parents with education, training, and seat safety Check-up Events. In Grand Forks, some of the collaborations include Safe Kids Grand Forks and Altru Health System, Safe Kids Grand Forks with Walsh County Public Health and Safe Kids Grand Forks with Altru Clinic Crookston and Polk County Public Health.

  • There are free car seats available too through the programs run by these partnerships.

Ohio Free Car Seats

  • The Ohio Department of Health's child passenger safety (CPS) program, Ohio Buckles Buckeyes (OBB), provides child safety seats and booster seats to eligible, low income families in all Ohio counties while supplies are available.
  • The overall goals of this program are to increase the availability of child safety seats for families who could not otherwise afford them and to increase correct installation and proper use of child safety seats.
  • Through the coordinated efforts of a network of local and regional CPS coordinators, the OBB Program distributes child safety seats and booster seats and provides CPS education.
  • The OBB Program has distributed more than 17,000 child safety seats and booster seats to low income families in Ohio over the past five years. In order to receive an OBB seat, income eligible* families must attend an educational class provided by trained local CPS staff. In this session, the parent/caregiver(s) receives important education on how to properly use the car seat for their child, and they are instructed on how to correctly install the seat in their vehicle.
  • The OBB Program works in close collaboration with a network of regional CPS coordinators who provide technical assistance, training and educational resources to the local OBB sites in their regions. The regional CPS coordinators assist the OBB sites in the implementation, coordination and evaluation of their distribution programs. They offer a mechanism for ensuring that the local sites have trained personnel and are in compliance with program requirements. Please contact the regional coordinator in your area to find out the agency and contact name of the OBB Program in your county.
  • *income must be within Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program guidelines, although the recipient does not need to be enrolled in the WIC Program

Oklahoma Free Car Seats

  • Located in Oklahoma City, Infant Crisis Services is an amazing organization that helps babies and toddlers with basic needs. You can get diapers, formula, food, toys, diapers, clothing, books, sleepers and much more. They also have 6 car seat distribution events each year that operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are some requirements to get the reduced-priced car seat – you have to be enrolled in WIC, Sooner Care, food stamps or any other government assistance program. You also have to be the legal guardian of the child and if you are an expecting mother, you have to be within 6 weeks of delivery. If the child is born, they need to be present. They also ask for a donation of $10 per seat, but it is optional if you can’t afford it. Call 405-528-3663 for upcoming event dates.

Oregon Free Car Seats

  • Child Passenger Safety Program – this program in Josephine County is run by Grants Pass Fire / Rescue (GPFR). Through years of training and effort, a lot of police officers and firefighters are certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. Child Passenger Safety Program can give you access to car seats for as low as $10. You are qualified for a car seat if you are enrolled in government-assisted programs like WIC. You also have to be a legal guardian, have a vehicle in the family, and you will learn how to use the car seat. There is also a restriction of one car seat per child, which, in all honesty, is enough. Please contact program coordinator Travis Marsh at 541-450-6200 for more information.

  • The Car Seat Program –  of Umatilla Morrow County Head Start is similar to Josephine Country's Child Passenger Safety Program with the goal of providing low-cost seats to the people who are dealing with financial restrictions. The car seats are provided to low income families at a reduced cost. The price of the seats range from $10-$30 depending on the seat needed.

  • Crying Babies and Shaken Baby Prevention – is a program of Randall Children's Hospital. It is worth checking out too. You need to show proof of low income to get a free car seat.

Pennsylvania Free Car Seats

  • Child Safety Seat Program – of Philadelphia requires a prescription from a healthcare provider if you want to receive a free car seat. Their program requires participants be enrolled in PA's SNAP and/or cash benefits program. If you can afford a small donation, it will be appreciated by the hospital. To get more information or appointment, call Safety Center at 267-426-5000.

Rhode Island Free Car Seats

  • Hasbro Children's Hospital has a vision of a boundless future for the kids of Rhode Island and they are pursuing this vision through collaboration and research. Through their injury prevention center at the hospital, they are trying to save the future of our kids by providing safety training, education, and resources that enables families to take good care of their kids while on the road.
  • Seats 4 Safety Program is an extension of that vision and it provides low-income families with free car seats and training.

South Carolina Free Car Seats

  • https://scdhec.gov/health/child-teen-health/early-childhood-health/child-passenger-safety-program
  • The Child Passenger Safety Program began in 1995. It's funded by a National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) grant administered by the S.C. Department of Public Safety (DPS). The goal of the program is to prevent and reduce injuries, disabilities and death to children due to motor vehicle crashes by:
    • Counseling parents and community groups on child passenger safety.
    • Demonstrating and instructing the proper installation of the various child safety seats (infant, convertible, and booster seats).
    • Explaining the dynamics of a motor vehicle crash and potential dangers for children not properly restrained.
    • Providing technical assistance as needed.
    • Providing training to DHEC's public health offices, partner organizations, community groups, etc., to ensure knowledge and skills to properly restrain children in motor vehicles.
    • Serving as a resource for addressing child passenger safety issues in the community.
    • Stressing and educating the importance of safe transportation for children riding in motor vehicles.

South Dakota Free Car Seats

  • It is estimated that from 1975 to 2011, 10,000 lives were saved by using restraints for children under the age of 5 on the road. (Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). We all want our kids to be in those 10,000 and If you live anywhere in South Dakota you can try to make that happen as you are covered by Strong Families’ SD Child safety seat distribution program. They have divided the whole South Dakota in 6 regions and you can find out which region you come under and who to contact by clicking here.

Tennessee Free Car Seats

  • Child Car Seat Program Shelby county’s health department is giving away car seats for $10 each! But you have to provide Baby’s Birth Certificate, Driver’s License or State I.D., Legal Guardian or Foster Parents—Court papers and you have to be Enrolled in TN Care, Food Stamp or WIC program.

  • A seat distribution program – of the Tennessee Department of Health where the fines collected from the non-complying drives are distributed back to local authorities and these authorities then distribute car seats to low-income families. You can call the Department of Health for at 615-741-7353 for more information.

Texas Free Car Seats

  • A statewide program – of Texas Health and Human Services is aimed at making parents more aware of the safety of their kids, giving them education, and car seats to all the families. It is required that you are low income and you have a vehicle to qualify for a free car seat. You also have to take an hour's class to get familiar with how car seat works. You can call the Texas Health and Human Service department at 800-252-8255; you will be redirected to a local resource.

Utah Free Car Seats

  • Car seats are available from $30 for Convertible car seat to $148 for Specialty weight seat at Salt Lake county’s health department. You have to prove that you are low income and you also have to take a class of one hour to become qualified for the seat.

  • Primary Children’s Hospital too offer discounted car seats for low income families—you just have to schedule an appointment so they can educate you and assist with install.  Their phone is 801-662-2277

Vermont Free Car Seats

  • Vermont Safety Seat Voucher Program’s goal is to provide free car seats to low-income families. Essex Police Department is professionally trained in installing the car seats and providing education and training and if you have received a voucher, you will be eligible for a free car seat too.

Virginia Free Car Seats

  • Low Income Safety Seat Distribution and Education Program – of the Virginia Department of Health is providing free car seats to low-income families who can’t afford car seats otherwise. You can contact the people responsible for the program at 540-381-7100.

  • Child Passenger Safety Program – of the city of Norfolk enables families to have a better child safety by giving them free car seats and education. You can contact the good people at the department of health by calling at 757-683-2301.

Washington Free Car Seats

  • Safe Kids is a worldwide organization working for providing better safety for the kids. Their local organization safe kids Clark county is running a safety class and clinic. Car seats at reduced-cost of $20 are available for eligible families.

  • Babies in Need is a not-for-profit organization and they are helping families fight tough times by providing them essential resources. You can also get a free car seat by contacting them.

  • PeaceHealth Southwest Health Education Center organizes classes to educate parents regarding the safety of their kids and how to use car seats to make sure they are safe on the road. Car seats at reduced-cost are also available for low-income families. You can contact [email protected] or call 360-608-4136 for more information.

West Virginia Free Car Seats

  • The Gabriel Project of West Virginia is mainly focused on needy pregnant women and families with infants. They provide necessary necessities like cribs, car seats, clothing, baby items and diapers at low or no cost.
  • You can contact them and inquire about the free car seat.

Wisconsin Free Car Seats

  • Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Milwaukee couple of different programs for kids. These programs involve collaboration with different departments and organizations and ultimately make the way towards safer and injury-free future for the kids of Milwaukee. Their partnership with Children's Hospital of Wisconsin has resulted in a free car seat program for people who can’t afford them. They also have a fitting station and education center for providing your kid the safety on the road they deserve.

  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Safe Kids Wisconsin and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin have joined hands to provide resources and training to parents, caregivers and child passenger safety technician.

  • Safe Kids Oconto County will do a free installation. Car seats are also available for people who are living on government support and have a child with them.

Wyoming Free Car Seats

  • Cheyenne Regional is a reputable hospital that is providing top-notch services in the medical field for years. They an amazing 222-bed register hospital.
  • Kohl’s Car Seat Distribution Program is a huge collaboration of Kohl’s with 160 hospitals around the country.  Hundreds of distributed car seats make it a big option for people who are struggling to get a car seat for their kids. You can contact them at (307) 634-2273.

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