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Glowbody PT Review Part 2: Tightening The Tummy!

It's been a long time since I graduated from anything!  Let me tell you – it feels pretty good.  Like I've accomplished something for myself.

I get things done everyday – writing for clients, making food, changing diapers, doing therapy for my youngest and keeping my oldest off Youtube during virtual school (though let's be honest, I don't do a good job of that).  It's hard to find time for me and say that I've made changes only for my benefit!  Self care is incredibly important but mommas, we put it on the back burner all the time.

I started the Glowbody program 3 months ago.

Let me tell you about my favorite features of the program.

  • Relatively Short – Aint nobody got time to do hour-long workouts!  I think most parents just assume running after the kids and picking up after them all day long is a workout.  Plus that's about all we can fit in.  I scheduled the Glowbody workouts mornings after feeding the baby and before everyone else woke up.  Phase 3 workouts are a bit longer, but it's also more of a burning fat phase.  Burn baby burn!
  • Variable intensity – You could always up the weights if you felt like the workout wasn't challenging enough.  And of course, you could always rest or take a break to tend to the baby.  Ashley's kids are sometimes wandering into the videos, so you can see that it's ok to be juggling your own needs and the babies' needs at the same time!  I felt like when I was a first-time mom I practically needed permission to go take care of myself.  I was a bit extreme, but it's hard now that I also have a special needs child.  Thankfully she's at the age where I can still throw a few sensory toys in front of her and entertain her with my workout moves!
  • Manageable – A 12-week program sounds like a long time in the beginning, but now that it's done, it feels like it went by quickly!  It's a little bit like watching your kids grow.  It might seem like a bit of a grind (it IS work after all), but it does pass quickly and has so many benefits.
  • Results! – I started out with a yawning 3+ finger gap.  I'm quite a bit far out from the birth of my kids (plus I had 2), so I expect results to take longer.  Now I've closed it at least a finger width!

Now that I've gone through the program once, I feel stronger, more confident, and I want to do it again!  My husband actually has noticed results (without me prompting).  I love having a schedule to follow that I don't need to think about, and I love the somewhat short workouts.

You can always level up by using heavier weights or rest when you need to.  I'm going to keep trying to fully close the gap.  But there's definitely muscle now where there used to be..urr..blubber.

For my audience, Ashley is kindly offering promo code fulltimebaby10, which takes $10 of the price of the 12 Week Post Pregnancy Plan

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