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Localbites Review: Bringing A Virtual Chef To Your Home

We’re almost at the end of 2020 and what a year it has been. I try to tell my kids that this has not been normal, and the only time your school is supposed to be closed is for a snow day. I still get weirded out when I go into a store and see everyone wearing masks, because it feels like a real-life rendition of the movie Contagion (scary movie about a pandemic).

One of the biggest changes to lifestyle has probably been how much everyone is eating at home. Especially in the first few weeks of quarantine, when everything seemed uncertain, restaurants were closed and everyone was eating at home all day long.

Old pots, blenders, food processors, KitchenAids came out of the woodwork as families embarked on making their meals, sometimes from scratch. For a few weeks yeast was even in short supply in the area because families were baking and making their own bread!

I don’t have alot of time, but I even started making my own yogurt with the Instant Pot and a food thermometer (super easy, by the way). I get to flavor it however I please, and I know there is nothing added that I don’t want. It’s also a bit cheaper than buying yogurt.

Let’s be honest though, I’m not skilled at cooking, and I’ll still burn easy stuff (like oatmeal!) because I’m not paying attention. It’s usually because one of the kids has asked for something, but I still feel a bit silly for screwing up easy food.

Sometimes I just need someone to tell me what to do in the kitchen, when I’m too tired or busy. I started asking myself – what’s the solution to this? (Hint, it’s not my husband)

What is Localbites?

Localbites is an online community for virtual home cooking classes. Hosts who are skilled chefs or everyday chefs (unsung heroes of the home I’m looking at you!) create cooking experiences to share with home cooks. Anyone can sign up to be a host, so it can be a great gig for those stuck at home, trying to make a little extra money.

The peer to peer platform is growing, currently with about 100 virtual cooking classes to choose from. Chefs share their talent and passion for cooking, and home cooks pick up culinary skills from quality chefs without even leaving the house.

One of my favorite parts of the platform is that it promotes cross-cultural exchange of cuisine.
You can even learn from a local chef in Italy to experience authentic Italian cooking. Finding out the secrets behind making really good pasta or pizza would make me really popular in my household.

The classes also can cater to any special dietary needs or preferences. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, have food allergies, or on a paleo diet, there’s a class for you.

The company’s mission is to build a borderless community of people from different backgrounds and dietary preferences sharing knowledge and love for cooking.



Home cooking for everyone, everywhere

Tired and bored of food deliveries? Each class will take you on a culinary adventure around the world. Try bread baking basics, signature Indian curry, authentic Japanese Yakisoba, and traditional Lebanese hummus to name a few.

There’s a melting pot of talented chefs ranging from certified nutritionists and dieticians to chefs who’ve worked in Three Michelin Star restaurants. All of them share easy to cook meals with recipe ingredients you can readily find at home or in your nearby supermarkets. Eventually, the site plans to allow everyone to post recipes.

Online home cooking classes are great for parents, single individuals, teens, or even as a family bonding activity. Together, you can finally create your own stash of no-bake protein bites.

Have a bored teenager with nothing to do? Get them started in the kitchen. Maybe your kid’s pizza and stromboli will be a hit so the little chef can take over cooking one night a week. The selection of recipes covers any snacks, meal times, or dessert. There are plenty of choices for that sweet tooth with classes for crepes and Italian gelato.

How Localbites Works

Now, you might be curious how Localbites works. It’s free to browse and sign-up for an account. Class fees range from $10 to $100. You can choose to make meals for as few or many people as you want! Preparation and cooking time varies from 20 minutes up to 2.5 hours.  Platform service fees apply.

Joining a class is easy. There are categorized choices when you enter the site, grouped by type of cuisine, length of cooking time, price range, diet specifications. There are also categories specifically for couples, busy moms, foodies, or college students.

Once signed up, you can choose a class and send a request to the host along with an introduction, requested date, and the number of participants. You won’t be charged until the host approves the class.

The ingredients list is often included in the description, but you can discuss any desired changes to the menu with the host. Some classes are available daily.  Live classes are done through Google Meet or Zoom.

Hosts can post up to 8 classes for now. There’s tremendous flexibility for both hosts and home chefs to book classes according to their own schedule.fusion class dish final

My Experience

Even though I grew up eating Asian food, I've had a hard time cooking it somehow. I chose an Asian cooking class so that I could cook a relatively quick and tasty meal for my family.

My host Wing was great and clearly has the cooking chops. (pun intended) She showed me the knife skills I've always wanted to have!

One thing I would have done differently would probably be to wear earbuds while cooking. It worked just to have the laptop on my counter while cooking, but there were times when the exhaust fan was on and I wanted to hear better.

We made fusion noodles and they were a hit!


Localbites Coupon Code

Loyal readers get 5% off with coupon code FULLTIMEBABYBITES

Cook Better, Eat Better!

I know I’ve thought to myself before –  one day I will learn how to cook better.  With a chef in my kitchen (virtually), I can be more confident.  The platform is a fun way to get inspired by a passionate community of food lovers.

*This post is sponsored but based on my own honest opinion

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