Why your Mattress is more important than you may think

Here’s Why Your Mattress is More Important Than You May Think!

Do you know that sleep, diet, and exercise are three of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle? However, unfortunately, many of us don’t get the kind of sleep we need, and it’s due to using the wrong mattress. Poor quality of sleep also affects our ability to exercise.

This leads to more than a few health problems, which, over time, turn into big health issues. So let’s find out how the mattress we sleep on may very well be defining our health.

New Mattress vs. Old Mattress

A few studies have reported that sleeping on a new mattress leads to a much better quality of sleep and lower stress levels than sleeping on a very old mattress.

Based on the findings, it’s highly recommended to replace your mattress if it’s older than 8 years.

Allergies Due to Your Mattress

You would probably be surprised to know that there are millions of tiny dust miles that have made your mattress their home. The fact that as many as about 20 million Americans fall prey to various allergies every year seems to be a result of that.

Better Sleep Council has researched this issue and concluded that people should be cleaning their mattresses periodically. However, if they are still having issues like a runny nose or a sore throat even after the regular cleaning, they may want to consider getting a new mattress.


Ultra-Push Mattress Aren’t That Cool!

Ultra-push mattresses may sound very cool, but they can be a very poor choice for your back health. They can lead to back pain, among other issues.

Hence, it’s highly recommended to test the mattress you’re considering buying and not just blindly trust the features it promises to come with.

Old Mattress Can Make You Feel Tired

As we just discussed above, as your mattress gets older, it loses its ability to deliver a great quality of sleep. This is often the reason some people feel tired even after sleeping for 8 hours a day, which should be more than enough for the body to get a lot of rest.

If you find this to be the case with you, consider replacing your old mattress with a new, quality mattress.

Lumps on Your Mattress Aren’t a Good Sign

They are often associated with back pain and other similar issues. Hence, although the lumps on your mattress may not seem to be a major issue, they may lead to worryingly bad effects on your health over time.

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