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Korea’s Lotte World Aquarium: Everything You Need To Know

With 1.2-1.3 million visitors a year, Lotte World Aquarium in Seoul ranks as one of the top 5 aquariums in Asia by visitation.

It's not the only aquarium in Seoul but it's our favorite and the newest.  Home to Korea's largest 25 meter wide tank, the aquarium boasts 650 species of 55,000 marine animals.  Overall the space is extremely well designed and unique in that there are special child friendly activities. The layout also gives you the opportunity to see the large 2 story tank from different angles.

Going on a rainy weekend guaranteed a bit of a crowd, but it was quite a civilized one and still relatively easy to see everything.

The family pass ticket costs 57,000 won for a family of 3. Children over 3 have to start paying (from mommy ‘s pocket). Otherwise if you buy individual tickets the fees are 29,000 won for adults, 27,000 for adolescents, and 25, 000 for children.

Attendants cheerfully wave at you as you enter.


The initial area had a tree theme with lights. We had our stroller, which wasn't the easiest to maneuver around, but doable.

The underground tunnel was a hit, so the line was a bit longer. But we took the fast line for a quick walk through. (There's literally a fast and slow lane)

Like Ocean Park in Hong Kong, there are plenty of viewing portals.

The Beluga exhibit was definitely one of the highlights. There were 2 and they were quite friendly, coming in close to the glass and flapping their jaws at the wide eyed kids, then bobbing for toys they wore like necklaces.

For a sugar fix there was a complete candy store next to the Beluga exhibit. Plenty of kids needed their fix…

The Beluga whales were connected to the larger tank for greater swimming freedom.


Sea lions come on stage for a show every 30 minutes. The jury is in, sea lions speak fluent baby Korean.

The play ocean offered a hands on experience to feed carp with what looked like baby bottles, as well as the chance to touch starfish. We were asked to touch gently but of course kids will try to pick up the starfish. Poor starfish.

Mini kid sized water tunnel.

Carp bottle feeding cost 2,000 won.

Coffee/rest /snack areas are thoughtfully sprinkled throughout the aquarium.

Garden sea eels!

A play zone offers the purchase of various sea animals to draw on. This is often where Dads get sucked into buying a canvas sea animal for 8,000 won(at least speaking from experience).

The polar zone has a fantastic penguin experience where penguins zip by up close.

Overall rating : Full on fabulous! Completely child and adult friendly. Don't miss the Belugas!


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