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Read 20 Minutes A Day: Why You Should Do It And How

When school sent home a Chromebook, my kindergartner said it was the best day of her life.

Mind you, she's been to nearly 10 countries, 3 Disneylands, Disney on Ice, and had amazing childhood experiences….that she was too young to remember properly.

It may seem tough to get these kiddos away from an interactive screen.  But we've read together since birth and she actually has a love for books that stays strong.

The secret?  Repetition.  Doing it over and over again, everyday.

Benefits Of Reading 20 Minutes A Day

Daily reading is key for language development and building strong reading skills.
It doesn't matter what age you start, and the earlier the better!

Children who read for just 20 minutes per day see 1.8 million words each year.  Research has shown these kids end up scoring in the 90th percentile on standardized tests.

You can start even with kids are babies or toddlers.

Many of the characters in books are male, even the animals, so if you are looking for a change, here are some books with girls.

20 minutes a day keeps illiteracy away!

How Do You Get 20 Minutes In?

  • Read during snack time
  • Keep a few books in the car
  • Make a set time to read aloud to your child, even if it's for 5 minutes!
  • Add reading into transitions: read before a meal, a nap, or getting ready to leave
  • Read everything!  Signs, cereal boxes, magazines
  • Keep books by the bed and in the rooms
  • Have a set time for your child to read quietly to themselves, especially if they won't nap!
  • Play reading games – Hangman, Brain Quest
  • Read while you wait – in the car, at a restaurant, doctor's office
  • Listen to stories online.  Try Storyline Online or Epic
  • Read activity books, such as cookbooks or Klutz books

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