228 peace park playground

Ultimate Guide To Taipei With Kids, For Free Or A Fee

Outdoor Parks

228 Peace Park

Located in Zhongzheng district, the 228 Peace Park is a (slightly off the beaten trail) park where kids can play for a few hours.  It's also located across the street from the Taipei Land Bank museum (think dinosaurs).

Right across the street from 2 museums, this area is a great place to spend half a day or nearly a full day. You can even see the head of the first locomotive Taiwan ever had.

There are 2 sections of outdoor playground, with baby friendly swings that wrap around protectively, a sand pit, large concrete slides, and play equipment.

peace park interactive screen

A large screen shows how hot it really is and even takes pictures on demand of you and the swingset.

Large stone slides are a relic from my mother's childhood, and they seem to keep older kids interested in slides.

The other section nearby has exercise equipment kids even like, a jungle gym, and swings adults can even use.

Taipei Land Bank Museum

30 NT (1 USD) earns admission to the 2 museums right across the street from each other.

For the kiddos, the museum offers massive prehistoric displays of dinosaur bones and fossils.

In addition to the bird exhibit, large sea shells are on display inside a glass bottom floor.

The interactive exhibits are electronic and engaging, even allowing kids to excavate fossils.

For adults and older kids, the land bank museum has some historical artifacts related to the history of money

Taipei museum

butterfly exhibit

The butterfly and insect display was basically a video game.

Free Public Playrooms (Parent Child Centers)

Zhongzheng parent child center

Playrooms called 親子館(parent child center) offer a place for parents to rest while kids roam.  Typically activities and toys can entertain infants all the way to school age kids.

Government run playrooms in Taipei are the best I've seen out of free playrooms in Asia.

Logistically, there are specific 2hr time slots where the playrooms are open.  During rest times they sanitize the equipment.  You can reserve spots online in advance with a Taiwan ID after registering, but drop ins are possible also.  Foreigners can call to see if they will accommodate reservations over the phone.

If the amazing facilities weren't enough, there are additional constantly changing activities led by the employees.

This was an interactive digital game related to different careers, like becoming a police officer, firefighter, or chef.

Have a high energy kid? The mini bouncy castle comes with a trampoline

Younger infants (0-2) have a separate baby area with Montessori style activities and padded steps.

Private Playrooms (Parent Child Centers)

Indoor playrooms that are privately run usually offer meals and drinks for families.  These offer great options for birthdays, events, or even just a digital nomad working parent.  🙂


Amusement Centers

Baby Boss (closed)

Unfortunately Baby Boss closed 2019, but locals hope that they will find a new lease.

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